We all love golf and strive for good scores, but honestly... we suck at it. Since the PGA Tour stopped returning our calls long ago, we created our own (very) amateur golf league in 2006. Since then, the MGA Tour has gone global; with new friends enjoying recreational golf tournaments and cheap beer worldwide!

-El Presidente Jon "Lucky Kick" Morley


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Global "Money" List

1.Diego Esquibel (3)$4.09
2.Tony Anthony (3)$3.59
3.Paddy Atherton (3)$3.28
4.Angel Agbayani (3)$3.14
5.Kevin Coons (3)$3.08
6.Zack McInelly (3)$3.05
7.Karl Laswell (3)$2.80
8.Michael Denham (3)$2.78
9.Josh Perry (3)$2.67
10.Darryl Brown (3)$2.65