We are the Columbus Ohio chapter of the MGA. We suck... Come join us!

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Play as a Guest!

If you want to see what this whole MGA thing is all about, but aren't willing to shell out money on a membership just yet, come out and join us as a guest!! Just email Jason using the "Contact Leader" button above and let him know that you would like to play as a guest. Your stats won't count, and you won't be eligible to win any awards, but you'll get a feel for how an MGA event goes down.

Current Season Standings

Long Drive / Closest to the Pin Jackpot

Current Jackpot Value


Entry Fee: $1.00


* If you win the Long Drive contest AND Birdie the hole, you hit the jackpot.
* If you win the Closest Pin contest AND Birdie the hole, you hit the jackpot.
* If you Eagle ANY hole on the course during the round, you hit the jackpot.

* If multiple people hit the jackpot at the same event, the entire jackpot carries over to the next event.
* If nobody manages to hit the jackpot at an event, the entire jackpot carries over to the next event.

MGA Buckeye Cup

What is the Buckeye Cup?

The MGA Buckeye Cup is a Ryder Cup style competition between the Columbus, Cincinnati and Beavercreek chapters held on the first weekend in October. 3 different golf formats are used within a single round of golf. The first 6 holes are Fourball, the next 6 holes are Alternate Shot, and the final 6 holes are head-to-head Match Play. 1 point is up for grabs in each format per foursome. The chapter with the most points at the end of the competition takes home the Buckeye Cup trophy.

How do I qualify for the Columbus team?

To say it simply, you gotta earn your spot on the team. No more locking in spots for tournament champions or chapter money leaders. No more captains picks. Every event in which you show up you will earn points. The team will be selected by who has earned the most points (and is available to play the day of the event).

You don't have to finish in the top 5 in every event. In fact, there's the potential that you don't even have to cash at every event to have a chance in qualifying for the team. This is because a huge premium has been put on simply showing up and participating in the events. Showing up to all 7 events prior to the Buckeye Cup won't guarantee you a spot, but it will certainly help your chances.

So how do you earn points?

The calculation starts by assigning points by where you finished in the event. The calculation is [(Total Entries - Where you Finish) x 5]. So you'll earn 5 points for every spot above last place that you finish. The more people there are in the field, the more points are awarded for the top positions.

Then the calculation factors in your score for the round using the calculation [(250 - Score) x 3]. The 250 is a base to ensure, hopefully, that everybody gets points at an event... unless you shoot worse than 250. So for each stroke under 250 that you shoot, you earn 3 points.

Then there are 4 ways to earn bonus points:

  • 500 pts --- Tournament winner
  • 125 pts --- Finish in the top 5
  • 125 pts --- Finish in the top 16
  • 500 pts --- Shoot under 80 (DQ from event)

You MUST play in 3 events of the current season to be eligible for the team. So show up often and play your best, and you may end up representing the Columbus chapter in the MGA Buckeye Cup!!

Past Chapter Champions