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2018 Las Vegas MGA

2018 is here and we are getting ready to tee it up and start loosing golf balls all around Las Vegas !! Hide the women , hide the pets , board up your windows because Las Vegas MGA is coming to a local golf course near you . Come rain , come shine , we are coming out 1 sunday a month to visit Las Vegas residents backyards and possible some front yards .. we are the local hackers that live in Las Vegas and now we have a club to hang out together . No need to lie in this league ,, we all suck and were proud ,actually we don’t suck ,, were mediocore !!! We welcome everybody to join us ,, come out and tell the truth and post your 90 scores and enjoy golf again..  

we like handing out our huge checks with our awesome trophys . Laugh at them as much as you want but when you own one ,, you will be proud .sign on up , tell a friend , tell a enemy , tell your girlfriend ,, we don’t care !!  We want everybody to play . Our ultimate goal is for everybody just to have fun and thrive to end up in the world championships in November .. there held her in Las Vegas so your travel expense is nothing !  Lol .

we are still waiting for our local celebrities to sign up as well .. where’s OJ , Celine , terry fader , Floyd ,carrot top, jimmy Kimble Brittany spears , the osmonds , and of course STEVE wynn since he now has free time on his hands . There are many other celebrities that want to join but they asked to keep there indentity secret . You never know who you’ll see golfing with us . 


Sign on up and join the fun

or if you have any questions ,, email me ,,