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2018 Spokane MGA Schedule (Updated: 3/19/18)

The inagural season of the Spokane MGA was truly one for the record books. Last March four medios took to the course for the first ever event, by November the rookie chapter rocked the MGA world by taking home the coveted (and disease infested and coke laced) championship belt thanks to the day one stellar play of one Matthew Ittner (we dont really talk about day two's round). Now with the 2018 season ahead the question is...Sophmore slump? There has been much talk of growing numbers and new members, and the pressure to live up to the hype come November that SpoMGA is legit shit, and in it to win it. In order to get to Vegas though you got to make it through the regualr season....and Thus I give you the 2018 SPO MGA Schedule.....

I have added a few new elements to the 2018 Season to give our chapter a little more to look forward to than just showing up, and handing Matt a check then going home. The hope is that with these additions we can all have something more to look forward to each month. So lets see what this season has in store for us: (Note: Schedule is subject to change about 3-14 more times) +: Indicates a Major.

March 25th - Rebel Beach AmAm - Wandermere Jeremy and Greg will look to defend their title as the two head monster of March. This is a doubles tournament and I am letting you pick your playing partner.

+April 21st - The Bastards - Indian Canyon Damon will be eating breakfast alone at the champions table this year as the only winner ever of the Bastards. Who will join him in 2019? This is a CART REQUIRED event. 
* Bastards Par 3 Contest Family Night at Eagle Short Course Friday Night before. Bring your spouses.

May 20th - The FORE! Championship - The Fairways My only win of the 2017 and I am looking to defend it...but will probably shoot a 120.

(Changed from the 17th due to Fathers Day) +June 16th - F.U. Open - MeadowWood Red, White and Blue Day....and the day we see if Scott can pull another 85 out of his ass.

+July 14th - the Bratish Open - Deer Park Bring your tent cause this one is a camp out! This year the Bratish will be an all weekend family event. We will camp out Friday night play Saturday and party all night. Family welcome!

+August 12th – MGA Championship – Hangman Valley For the last major of the year we go to the long course at Hangman. If you are lucky enough to win the Bratish, have fun playing the blues here. CARTS REQUIRED.

Here is where things get interesting….In an effort to get our season wrapped a little early I would like to propose two options for the final two tournaments.

Opt #1 – Back to back weeks early September

Opt #2 – Back to Back days 2nd weekend in September

Think about it, we don’t need to decide now

September TBD –Douche Bag Invite– Liberty Lake The only thing you need to know about this event is by not even trying to at least dress a little like a douche…you’re being a douche. Huskies, Cougs, Seahawks gear qualify.

September TBD – Last Gasp – Esmeralda As we end our season with a nice mellow round at the Ezzy and is a CART REQUIRED event because immediately following this event will be…The 2018 SPO MGA Awards Ceremony and Kind Cup team selection at - -  - -  - -  !

WHAT?!? Awards?!? Team selection?!?! Go on Andy tell us more…

Well, this year our the Spokane Chapter will be handing out more than just the top Money Award at the end of the season. We will be acknowledging those that impressed during the season, and those that Faced it and sucked. (Family invited)

This season we will honor:

-       the Most Improved & Most Deproved: These two awards will go to those individuals that made great strides or fell hard. To qualify for these awards you must play in at least 2 events in the front half of the season and at least 2 events in the last half of the season. Scores from each half will be averaged and compared. Person with the best front to back improved scoring average and person with the worst.

-       Best Gross Round of the Season

-       Worst Gross Round of the Season

-       New Comer of the Year (must be first season): Voted on by Medios

-       Come Back Player of the Year: Voted on by Medios

-       (If Possible) Longest Drive of the Year & KP of the YEar


-       Medio of the Year: This award will be voted on by medios based on who embraces reflects the MGA style, life, and game the best. Must play in at least 5 events to qualify.

Now on the the Kinda Cup (Working title)…This Ryder Cup style team event will be held in October at TrailHead Golf Course to end our season. To conclude the award ceremony the top two money winners of the 2018 season will select teams to battle it in a head to head match play and two man scramble events.

Now I know that all this is a lot to take in and many many details of this entire season are being sorted and worked out and I will do my very kinda best effort to get you all the details as soon as I have them generally figured out.

A few other things I would like to address about the upcoming season…We are currently in an open enrollment and any ya-hoo that wants to join can. We are also actively looking for a Chapter sponsor to pay our $350 Chapter Fee that gets us our trophies, checks and other swag not to mention be an eligible active chapter. I am trying to get No-Li on board but am taking lead I get to willing sponsors. I would like to set a $10-$15 chapter dues that will help to pay for other prizes and beers throughout the season. It is easier to just collect this up front as we start the season, than slowly collect it from your event fees at $2 dollars a pop. I understand that this can be a challenge for some but those that can it will really help along the way. And please trust I am ALWAYS going to do everything I can to make sure that $$$ goes back into the SPO MGA!

The last thing….I am working on some shirts and hats options and hope to have something so we are ready for the Rebel in March. Stay tuned.

Happy 2018 Season SPO Medios!!!


Andy – Spokane Chapter Leader





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I'm excited about the schedule and I doubt I'll even make it up there for one tourney !!! The end of the year awards sound like a great idea, I wish I would've thought of that ...... #creditwherecreditsdue ?! Hahaha jk #I'mAdouchebag

Met you guys out at Wandermere last season, looking forward to my rookie season with some douches and Rum....mostly just the Rum.