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3-PEAT!!! Nentwich Wins 3rd Straight Bastards Title!

Andy Nentwich is a bastard.  No, you don’t understand… Ok, yeah, he won Columbus’ 2018 Bastards event held at The Ridge.  Not bad. Yeah, he managed to pull off a three-peat in the Bastards event after shooting an 82 (86 net).  Pretty impressive, right? Sure… but how about this little tidbit. Andy has never lost a Bastards event that he has played in!  He has played in 3 Bastards events, and he has won all 3 of them. Now THAT is pretty damn impressive!


With this win, Andy is also the first 3-time winner of the Bastards event in Columbus.  His winning gross score of 82 ties the record for lowest gross round in the Bastards among champions.  And finally, Andy nearly joined a very exclusive club of golfers who played an entire round without carding a score worse than bogey (mar).  17 of Andy’s 18 holes played were bogey or better. Had he managed to score a bogey or better on the 15th hole, he would have joined Connor Mazza, David Knowles and Steve Sillato as the only Columbus golfers to accomplish this feat.


And speaking of the devil… for the 2nd time in his MGA career, David Knowles came close to winning his first Bastards title but ended up finished 2nd after shooting a 85 (89).  After 15 holes, Knowles actually held a 1 stroke lead over Andy, but a double bogey on the 16th hole dropped David to 1 shot back, and Andy never took his foot off of David’s throat - winning by 3 strokes.


Rounding out the top 3, with his own record-setting round, was John Leite (91).  WHAT?!!? John Leite set a new Columbus MGA record?? No, it wasn’t for most alcohol consumed in a round.  (Although, I bet if we tracked that, he very well could hold that record). This record speaks to how consistent of a round he played.  John managed to break the record for smallest margin between his lowest hole score and his highest hole score in a single round. What does that mean?  The fewest number of strokes John took on any hole was 4. The most number of strokes he took on any hole was 6. So his margin of only 2 strokes actually set a new record in that category. Yet another fairly impressive feat!


Oldcomer Steve Sillato made his 2018 debut and finished 4th after posting a score of 86 (93).  Brent Isner’s 94 (95) was good enough for a top 5 finish.


Other notable events of the day:


The Long Drive and Closest to the Pin awards couldn’t have gone any worse.  Before arriving at the course, it was determined that hole 10 would be the CP hole, and hole 17 would be the LD hole.  Upon arriving at the course, we learned that they decided to switch the front 9 and back 9 and updated the scorecards. So now it looked like the CP hole was a 334 yard par 4, and the LD hole was a Par 3.  With the switch, hole 10 is now hole 1. It would be a pretty dickish move to start everyone’s round with an award hole, so we decided to move the CP hole to hole 14. As for the LD hole, we decided to move it to hole 8.  All good right? Wrong! I could point fingers, but I won’t… all I’ll say is someone in the lead group wasn’t paying any attention because as golfers got to the longest par 3 on the course (hole 7) they were greeted with a CP proximity marker on the green.  Yep, the marker was put on a hole that wasn’t even in consideration for the award hole. As for the LD marker - same story. Apparently it made it all the way to the 18th hole before they realized they needed to put it out on the course. Way to screw everything up guys!


Chris Roebuck nearly tied the record of most bogies in a single round as he scored 12 bogies to just miss Todd Koch and John Stamper’s record of 13.


Somehow, not really sure how, a dead, decomposing fish was found just laying on the 13th green.  Unsurprisingly, Jeff Gilligan decided to pose for a picture with it.


In keeping with tradition, apparently, yet another Marysville course turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.  Again, being within about 3 miles of the Scott’s Lawncare factory, the number of dandelions on the course were pretty unacceptable.  The layout of the course was very unique and quite fun, but the greens were like putting on the moon’s surface with all of the dead spots.  The story is that they are in the process of putting a couple million dollars into the course. We will probably give them another chance in a couple years after they’ve had a chance to get their shit together.


Our next event will be the FORE! Championship, and it will be held at our chapter’s favorite course - St. Albans!  Hope to see all of you guys on May 20th!

Event Results

1.Andy Nentwich86$1.26
2.David Knowles89$0.84
3.John Leite91$0.70
4.Steve Sillato93$0.63
5.Brent Isner95$0.53
5.Joe Milacek95$0.53
7.Chris Roebuck 96$0.42
8.Jason Strickland97$0.35
9.Merrill Wheeler100$0.25
9.John Stamper100$0.25
11.Brad Wallace102$0.09
11.Jeff Beckman102$0.09
11.Justin Kudela102$0.09
14.Scott Hall103$0.05
15.josh stephens106$0.04
16.Kenneth Byers 107$0.02
17.Braedon Crowe110$0.00
18.Brian Zimmerschied111$0.00
19.Doug Short122$0.00
20.Dustin Schmidt123$0.00
21.Patrick Affourtit124$0.00
21.Jeff Gilligan124$0.00
23.Chuck Jackson157$0.00