Chapter News

Andy Williams climbs to the top of the Money List

With his second win of the season coming in The MGA, Andy Williams has moved to the top of the Chapter Money List jumping ahead of early leader Randy Langer by $0.02

On the ladies side Shaleen Woodward brought home her first career trophy and continues the trend with a different lady winner each tournament.   Allan Twissell has left his “key to the red tee” days behind him and is bringing home some cheques, small but still cheques and this week Allan took home the “I’m kinda close” money clip while Rick Savard showed that he is “Kinda Long” at least on the golf course anyway. 

With two tournaments left to go the race for the Chapter Money Leader is a close one, who will take home the big cheque in The Douche Bag Invitational??

Event Results

1.Andy Williams89$1.35
2.Ryan Sheppard92$0.83
2.John Martin Robson92$0.83
4.Chris Flannagan93$0.64
4.Shaun "Moose" Morris 93$0.64
6.Hughie Graham94$0.53
7.Edward But96$0.45
8.Shaleen Woodward97$0.38
9.Randy Langer98$0.30
10.Devon Bouillon99$0.19
10.Jack Bourassa99$0.19
12.Rick Savard100$0.07
12.Meredith Wilson100$0.07
14.Paulette Doucet101$0.05
15.Lucassie Morrison103$0.03
15.Ranald Matheson103$0.03
17.Lloyd Whiteford104$0.00
18.Grace Lau-a105$0.00
19.Mike Enns107$0.00
19.Allan Twissell107$0.00
21.Christopher Hunt108$0.00
22.Gwen Woodward111$0.00
23.Jenni Bruce117$0.00
24.Dean Harvey121$0.00
25.Mary-Ellen Savard123$0.00
26.Stephen Robertson126$0.00
27.Deana Twissell148$0.00