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Asheville MGA 2018 Season News

The weekends are set for the events for the 2018 season - now you can plan your life around having the appropriate number of penalty shots and optimum number of qualifying rounds for the greatest event in history - the 10th MGAWC.

Membership is open again, so sign up, and if you know someone who wants to sign up, get them to hit me up over facebook, email, or the contact chapter leader button.

Here is the plan for the season.  The weekends are set - courses are subject to change.  I want to hear from you about if you prefer Saturday or Sunday. For convenience we will have the Am-Am on a Saturday - March 24. Pairings will be set before the event.





March 24

Rebel Beach Am-Am

Asheville Municipal Golf Course

April 21

The Bastards

Marion Lake Club

May 20


Cummings Cove

June 24

F.U Open

Reems Creek

July 14-15


Crooked Creek

August 10-11



September 8-9


High VIsta

September 23

Western Mid-Southern Classic
(tournament with Knoxville MGA)
Waynesville Inn

October 7

Last Gasp

Black Mountain