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Attention Top Medios: Lock Those Fantasy Teams!

THE INTERNET, CA - The MGA fantasy league is a great way to put extra pressure on your friends and rivals during the MGA season. If you are a Top Medio Member, simply go to My Clubhouse and click the Fantasy Team link to start picking your team. You will start scoring "money" for your team only once it is locked in, so get those locks in before a shit ton of Bastards tourneys take place this weekend.

Once you lock your team in, it is customary to take a screenshot of your team and put it on facebook, tagging all the people in it so they know your team is depending on them. Because nothing helps a mediocre golfer's game more than having extra pressure heaped upon them. 

If by dumb luck you happen to win the Fantasy League, you're looking at two years of free Top Medio Membership! You can also earn one Top Medio membership for a second place finish or a basic membership for third.

If you're only a basic member right now but would like to play in the Fantasy League, click this link to Upgrade to Top Medio for $19.99. Have no fear about the fact that you weren't in it for the Am Am, since Am-Am money never counts towards the Fantasy League. The Am-Am is looked at as a pre-season event in that respect, so you can see who is back playing this year and who is kinda hot before picking your team.