Chapter News

The Big Guy does it again!!

Rick Hoffman FU'd all the way to first place.  His 84 blew away the competition.  Somehow he won a tournament that he also used his driver.  Still trying to figure that one out.  Way to keep em on the golf course Rick.

In a tie for second and third was Mike Foote and Dan Nelson.  Their 87's would normally be in the running for a victory but big Rick said "not today"

Finishing fourth was me.  My 88 was no where near enough to win.  You know if your puts don't get to the hole they will not go in.

Mr 5th place(well at least for the last 2 tournaments), was Matt Houser.  His 89 was the last of 5 golfers that finished in the 80s.  That is a chapter record.

Frank Kruth, Dan Kerrigan, Jason Sheer, and Joe Gioffre finished in a tie for 6th thru 9th.  Look how happy they are about it.  Look at Dan telling Jason he is number 1 even though Dan smacked a drive long again to take home the Long Drive award.

10th Place goes the Alex Mariani with a 94.  Alex drives the furthest for these tournaments and said he needs to finish higher to pay for gas.  The consolation was he did get the gold M as the Most Mediocre.

Staying in double digits with a 99 are Mr Richard Hoffman and Trevor Nelson.  Finally someone doesn't seem upset to finish in a tie.

Jeff DeMarco scored a 103 and took home 13th Place.  No matter what he shoots the round is always fun.

Paul Gumina's 105 was good enough for 14th place.  He did knock his shot close to dominate the closest to the pin competition.  Actualy he may have been the only one to hit the green.  Paul what are you comparing the size of your check too?

Scott Gibson just missed his first Red Tee.  His 110 included dominating the melt down award.

Guess who won the Red Tee, AGAIN? Chris Rosetti is becoming quite the key chain collector.  His 118 was good enough to get a check and the Red Tee.  I don't want to see any keychains on Ebay Chris.