Chapter News

Blame Benson

The easy way to explain Ittner's seventh straight MGA win would be to just blame Andy Benson. Sure there where other factors that came into play during the 2018 Spokane Bastards like the 25mph winds whipping through the Canyon or the absence of the defending Bastards champ Damon Deez Netz, or even the extreme mediocrity of the rest of the field... But the real reason is the back nine collapse of Mr. Benson. Shooting a very respectable 43 on the front and holding a 2 stroke lead over the World Champ, some how some way Andy managed to give it all away and meltdown shooting a back nine of 52. Maybe it was the pressure of a first tour win, or maybe it was the cigar, shot, and beer on the 10 tee box…either way this one is not credit to Ittner’s sandbagging in mean exceptional play. While others SpoMedios played well and gave the Champ a run and its all credit to Andy Benson’s total and utter fail …Thanks Andy from the entire MGA.

Event Results

1.Matthew Ittner90$1.26
2.Ryan Wilcox94$0.84
3.Andrew Benson 95$0.70
4.Scott Kaulig101$0.63
5.Embay Lee104$0.56
6.Justin Krautkraemer105$0.46
6.Blake Miller105$0.46
8.Andy Gardner106$0.32
8.Chris Copell106$0.32
10.Andy Butler108$0.21
11.Ted Christenson112$0.11
11.Jeremy Johnson112$0.11
13.Karl Patchin113$0.06
14.Michael Brown116$0.05
15.Sean Widmer117$0.04
16.Dillon Waybright118$0.02
17.Miguel Juanston123$0.00