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Calgary MGA Capitalizes On Fake News Trend

CALGARY, UPNORTHSOMEWHERE - In another shocking lapse of judgment, a local reporter decided that covering a bunch of bearded golfing hacks would be a good career move. Once again, we actually have to agree and be thankful that this story gifted us another excellent quote for the MGA. 2016 King Of Winter Craig Forsythe said it best when he stated, "Swinging the club is pretty much where I'm bad at." Us too Craig, us too. Enjoy (if you have the wherewithal to sit through a full 30 second ad)...

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Panel Of Experts (4)


"I'm going to give a lot of those cards out cause all of my friends suck too" Brilliant.

OMG no shit

That's pretty awesome... eh?!

I don't say that..... do I?