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CBUSMGA Rebel Beach Am-Am: The course takes center stage

The Columbus MGA kicked off the 2017 season on April 23rd with the Rebel Beach Am-Am.  Twenty-two medios and two guests made their way to Timberview Golf Club to see if this would be the year that they achieved total mediocrity.  Often times in the MGA it is the competition, or lack thereof, that takes center stage.  On this day though it was the course that will live on in infamy.

Timberview Golf Club is nestled into the rolling hills of Marysville, OH.  Built in 1989 by famed golf course architect Lewis & Lewis, the course’s website elegantly states “Our course gives the golfer a feeling that is not found anywhere else near Marysville.”  Truer words have never been spoken. 

Driving to the course from Columbus leads you past storied attractions such as the Scotts Miracle Gro factory and a couple of cow pastures.  The excitement of the drive foreshadows the thrill that awaits golfers at the course.  
The clubhouse of Timberview Golf Club is a two story structure that features a patio, bathrooms, and a solid plywood bar.  The clubhouse is adorned with vintage art showcasing golf’s history and handcrafted signs that educate visitors on the rules of the course.  Based on the signs it is clear that only Augusta National rivals the strict code of conduct that Timberview requires of its visitors.
Moving to the first tee golfers are welcomed by a large tee box that has been beautifully landscaped with Taraxacum flowers.  This dedication to landscape architecture and design continues throughout the pristine 18 hole, par 71 course.   No spot on the course is this more clear than the famed forest bunker on hole 12.  The bunker is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna that can rattle the confidence of the most skilled players.  
Golfers may think they are home free following the forest bunker on twelve, but things could not be farther from the truth.  According to the course’s website, “Although it plays to a mere 145 yards from the back tee, our “Signature Hole” #14 Par 3 will test not only your abilities, but your nerves as well.”  The moss covered lake surrounding the green is rumored to be the inspiration to the 1954 classic Creature From The Black Lagoon.  
Hole 17 also has ties to Hollywood as the mining operation next to the green was used as the set of Leonardo Dicaprio’s hit film, Blood Diamond.  Visitors are even treated to some of the props that were used on the film left behind by the film crew.
The course’s superintendent has officially been voted into the Columbus MGA as an honorary member.  His commitment to excellence and dedication to his job is the definition of what this league is all about.  Like the true hero he is, he has chosen to not promote himself on the course’s website.  The chapter will be sending a delegation to the shack he has set up for himself on the course to let him know of this recognition.  
If you ever find yourself in Marysville, OH and are thinking about enjoying Timberview Golf Club consider this Yelp review submitted by Dennis B. in May 2014 “I wouldn't pay $10 for this course. Literally if you have a big back yard: dig a small hole, put a stick in it and call it timberview 2.0. Absolute horrid.”
Doug Murray won the round with a score of 87.  Dave Knowles and Merrill Wheeler won the team title.  Well done.

Event Results

1.Doug Murray87$1.12
2.David Knowles90$0.74
3.Kevin George94$0.62
4.Joe Milacek95$0.56
5.Frank Galilei97$0.50
6.Brent Isner98$0.40
6.Zach Chillinsky98$0.40
8.John Leite99$0.25
8.Connor Mazza99$0.25
8.Merrill Wheeler99$0.25
11.Dave Rice100$0.09
11.Andy Nentwich100$0.09
13.Matt Bigelow101$0.06
14.Jason Strickland103$0.04
15.Brad Wallace104$0.03
16.Chip Chapman105$0.02
16.Trevor Boyd105$0.02
18.Dustin Schmidt110$0.00
19.Wubba Stamper111$0.00
19.Dustin Wood111$0.00
21.Jeff Gilligan115$0.00
22.Patrick Affourtit129$0.00

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Panel Of Experts (6)


I was feeling bad about missing the first event of the year. Now, not so much. Could be more of the same at Upper Landsdowne, which 3 years ago should have been called Lower Landsdowne. Haven't been back there since.

i like your article, strickland. mixing it up


Outstanding article. Strangely I'm now drawn to this place and want to check it out.

how much did they charge for the 2nd 18 ?

I don't ask for a third on a regular night.