Chapter News

Cross Bay Cup Format



·      8 singles matches

·      2 fourball matches

·      First team to 5.5 points wins

·      In the event of a 5-5 tie, the defending team wins the title.




·      Two players square off against each other trying to win one hole at a time.

·      The player who shoots the better score on a hole wins it.

·      If players shoot the same score on a hole it is considered “halved” and nobody wins it. It doesn’t roll over to the next hole.

·      Keep track of how many “up” the leader is.

·      Once the leader is further up than there are holes to play, the match is over since it’s mathematically impossible for the trailing player to come back. E.g. 4 up with 3 holes to play.

·      A match win is worth 1 point for the team.

·      A halved match (tie) after 18 holes results in ½ a point for each team.




·      It’s match play as listed above, but with a twist.

·      In a fourball group, both players on each team (two SF and two OAK per foursome) simply play their own ball the entire hole, trying to score as low as possible. The player with the lowest score of the four on each hole wins the hole for his team.

·      If there is a tie for lowest score on the hole between the two teams, then the hole is halved, with nobody winning it. You do not go to the second best score from each team to award the hole.


If a player has penalty strokes, those will be applied as one-stroke penalties on the hardest handicapped holes. (e.g. If you have 5 penalty strokes, circle the 5 hardest-rated holes on your scorecard and add one stroke to your score on those holes.)