Chapter News

CVMGA - Conejo Valley MGA is excited to announce……...

On Sunday July 16th , rookie medio,Joe Donia gave in to the reality that he is older and switched irons. His grouping stated that he bitched about his clubs not matching. This switch obviously earned him a perfect 90 for the win. “The Bratish was the test drive” , said Joe. “I guess they worked. Winning came as a total surprise to me and my fellow bowler hats. Must have been the Fireball.” When Joe speaks of the Fireball, he tells of the shots everyone did on hole #5. It now will be tradition for the CVMGA to do Fireball on #5, and we will call it “A Donia”. Please feel free in partaking in a DONIA after you read the next part….

After all the awards were handed out, a former winner reminded the chapter leader about the envelopes. Joe’s choice of the envelope was pure chance. He just picked one, well kinda. The video says more than I can even say in an article. He stated that “it did feel like Willy Wonka, and now I'm off to the adult chocolate factory.” The image of the winning bronze tickets looked similar to the losing tickets. We were very glad when Joe read it closely. By the reaction of the other medios, everyone could tell there was ‘Excitement” in the air.



At the half way point of the season, CVMGA is geared up and ready to head to Vegas and go for the Belt!!!!! Finding the BRONZE TICKET has been a life changing experience for all involved within the Conejo Valley chapter. We will never look at a blank envelope the same again.



Event Results

1.Joe Donia90$1.02
2.Russell Franc93$0.63
2.Jeff Rickert93$0.63
4.Bert Michitsch95$0.51
5.Matt Elliott98$0.46
6.Christine Hardison99$0.40
7.Robert Haar101$0.34
8.Anthony Gonzales102$0.28
9.David Nystrom104$0.23
10.William Steinmeyer105$0.17
11.James Carnegie106$0.09
11.Robert Barnes 106$0.09
13.Rob MacIntyre127$0.05