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CVMGA - Douche Bag Stein”extraordinaire”meyer

 When it comes to Douche Bags, the CVMGA brought out 10. The field was set with many that could win this sacred Douche visor but one stood out and had no penalty strokes to win with this stupendous prize, with 92 strokes, CONGRATULATIONS, Bill Steinmeyer, we are so proud that you are the Douche Bag of 2017.

Event Results

1.William Steinmeyer92$0.84
2.Russell Franc93$0.56
3.Matt Elliott95$0.47
4.Robert Barnes 97$0.40
4.John McClelland97$0.40
6.Anthony Gonzales100$0.33
7.Joe Donia102$0.28
8.Jeff Lewis104$0.21
8.Rob MacIntyre104$0.21
10.Christine Hardison121$0.14

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