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CVMGA- Elliott takes two

The Conejo Valley MGA  took flight to the rolling hills in Moorpark California to play Rustic Canyon. 16 medios were vying for the coveted MGA championship. The one media who stood strong with a 90, that is the one and only Matt "belly bumping" Elliott.

 Others tried to compete with him but decided going with the biggest meltdown in CVMGA history was better  then some stinking trophy .

It was a great day for all that came out to play Rustic Canyon. We had our ups and downs, our slow pace, our lost balls, but most of all we kept our dignity!

Next months event will prove who are the medios and who are the douche bags....

See you then Conejo Valley....

Event Results

1.Matt Elliott90$1.35
2.William Steinmeyer96$0.90
3.Steven Melvin98$0.75
4.Robert Barnes 99$0.60
4.John McClelland99$0.60
4.Anthony Gonzales99$0.60
7.Russell Franc100$0.45
8.Jeff Rickert101$0.38
9.Jeff Lewis105$0.30
10.Patrick Rodriguez106$0.19
10.Joe Donia106$0.19
12.Adam Garrett108$0.08
13.Christine Hardison112$0.07
14.Pat Parrott115$0.05
14.Bert Michitsch115$0.05
16.Rob MacIntyre116$0.02