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DFW MGA Partners w/ Charity to Fight Kids Cancer

If there is one thing that MGA members across the world can get behind besides a good weather round of golf with friends and a couple of cold ones, it's doing what we can to help with good causes that are near and dear to our heart.  Here in the DFW Metroplex, we have all been touched by one of our member's daughter's named Avery Braden, and her courageous and triumphant 2 year brawl with cancer - which involved 19 rounds of chemo and 6 surgeries.  We are proud to celeberate (as of yesterday) Avery's one year anniversary of being in remission!  

One of the struggles is the lack of funding for childhood cancer research. Did you know that kids cancer is different than adults? Many of the chemotherapy drugs that were given to Avery (and a lot of other children), were intended for adults. In addition, the majority of these drugs are 30+ years old. Can you imagine being treated for the flu, chickenpox, or other diseases the same way it was treated 30 years ago? Well, we can’t either.  This is why The Owls for Avery Foundation is dedicated to changing the paradigm of pediatric cancer research. (

Avery's story is just one of so many thousands more that are still fighting, and DFW will be focused on partnering with local business that fit in with our cause and culture to help sponsor tournaments and raise sponsorship dollars.  The charity that has been born from Avery's story is called The Owls for Avery Foundation, and DFW will be pledging to raise money again this year from proceeds raised to help sponsor our Chapter.  While Chapter Leader's Todd Jenkins & Geoff Scott already have a few sponsors lining up, if any of you out there know of a business that might be interested in sponsoring our chapter and helping out, contact us via email at