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Fore! The Big Bobrowski

I am not Mr. Bobrowski.


Greg "The Dude" Bobrowski finally gets his first win in the 2018 Fore! Championship at Sherman Hills Golf & Country Club on Cinco De Mayo.  This previous winner of 3 meltdown awards held it together for a full 18 holes this time in acheiving this milestone.  And he received a whopping $1.50 big check in the process setting a new chapter record.

And speaking of meltdowns, Marion, our other resident meltdown expert acheived his third meltdown stress ball award (and a new chapter record of 16 strokes) to tie Greg for the most in our chapter.  In fact, these two medios account for a full half of all the meltdown awards we've given out since we started.  The stress ball may finally have worked for Greg but please give Marion a soothing back rub the next time you see him since obviously it is not working for him.

There were other notable-but-not-even-close meltdowns of course including second place finisher Randy shooting 42/51 and mediocre Troy at 45/54.  

While tearing up the front nine, Marion also had the longest drive (in the fairway) and took home the money clip award, becoming the chapter's third multiple winner.  There were longer drives not on the fairway due to the treachery of your Chapter Leader in picking a hole with a fairway that narrows sharply around 250 yards out.  Chalk up another one for the shorter hitters!

The other money clip was won by Pauley, his first one in the MGA, for closest-to-the-pin.  And although he didn't get a meagle there, he did get two others during the round.  In fact, I won't say the course played easy, but there there were an unusually high 7 meagles in total all day.

Our newest medio, Robert West, made his mark right away in his first MGA round (which is a pretty common occurrence around here).

But Robert did manage to shine by winning the Longest Whiff Challenge, hitting a whiffle ball with a putter,

And our most glamorous medio Hollywood McNeal won our most glamorous award, the golden M, for being the Most Mediocre of the day.

We had some non-member guests with us today.  Don invited Dave Harris and Matt Chiller.  Unfortunately, they had to book right after the round so we have no pictures of them.  And we also had a guest player Ethan and his fiancee join our last group after following for a while and seeing how much fun we were having.  Here is a group shot:

Much thanks again to our chapter sponsor Livengood & Associates, Inc. ( and our tournament sponsor Downing Funeral Home (

Event Results

1.gregory Bobrowski89$1.50
2.Randy Dunaway93$0.91
2.Donald Nogiewich93$0.91
4.Pete Bedell95$0.71
4.Paul Normandin95$0.71
6.Leroy Hamilton97$0.58
7.Roy Fiehler98$0.50
8.Troy McNeal99$0.42
9.Marion Kelley106$0.33
10.Janis Dunaway107$0.25
11.John Grochowicz111$0.12
11.david sulik111$0.12
13.Craig Domini117$0.07
14.Robert West118$0.06