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The Fore! Championship, May 13th 2017 at Summerfield Crossing G.C. Riverview FL.

We started the event with 24, 23, 22, 21, 20 medios!  Ok, so life got in the way for a few folks that signed up, but we were still able to hit and exceed the 16 competitor minimum for a full payout.  This was a great event where we saw some fresh new faces, some old salty ones and even a couple of visitors from the North traipsing down from Spring Hill to join in our fun. 

Defector in Chief, Pete Bedell, Spring Hill chapter leader carpet bagged his way into taking yet another  “trophy” from Tampa, the inaugural Beer Goggles award for truly embracing the theme and wearing an outfit loud enough to be seen/heard from the international space station.  For his “efforts”, Pete gets a tasty 32oz crowler of Four Stacks brewing company’s “Lou Dog” a very tasty Blonde Ale style beer.

Thanks to a stolen concept from another chapter we celebrated John Daly’s first win on the Champion’s tour the previous week by holding our own John Daly Challenge!  Sixteen players chipped in $5 apiece and proceeded to chug a beer then grip it and rip it on the closest to the pin hole.  Newcomer Bret Fuller came to win and if not for his handicap penalty strokes he would have!  He locked in the Gross award with a solid 86 and three meagles!  He also took home the closest to the pin award and walked away $80.00 richer for winning the John Daly Challenge. 

Steven “short shorts” Poncin rocked the Larry Bird style shorts but that didn’t help his game.  His mediocrity won’t go unrewarded though, he gets a fabulous Meltdown Award stress ball to munch on? 

I’m really not sure what JJ “Get Some” Gee ate or drank but I want some!  This dude put one so far down the dead center of the fairway for the long drive that it took most of us two strokes to get even close to his monster of a drive.  He also won fraternal bragging rights by edging out his younger brother by one stroke.  

Bookending the tournament, power couple Karl “DJ Las” Laswell and his girlfriend Andrea Knapp both took home awards for their efforts battling the wind.  Andrea took home the key to the Red tees on her first venture into the highly competitive world of MGA play.  Karl, “I already have one of these trophies” Laswell broke his dry spell that he’s been on since the 2016 Rebel Beach Am Am with a solid performance that rocketed him to the top of the chapter  “Money” list.

Huge thanks go out to our Chapter Sponsor, Ed Morse Cadillac of Tampa

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Panel Of Experts (4)


Looks like a good time was had by all.

Does this mean I'm allowed to call the MGA "The Cadillac of golf leagues" now?

At a very minimum the Tampa Chapter could be called that :)

Where's the Caddy painted to match those shorts?!