Chapter News

He didn't choose the DB life, the DB life chose him

What can you say about chapter leader Ben Rebiskie. Great golfer? No. Good person? certainly not! But is he a Douchebag? 100% Yes.


Only 4 competitors came out to vie for the title. But as it has been the past 2 yrs in the Monterey MGA, Ben Rebiskie is Douchbag once again.


It came down to the last 3 holes. Justin and Douchebag Ben were tied with 3 holes left. Then the final 3 went as follows:

16th - both hit BOMB drivers *cough* down wind *cough* Justin hit GIR, and a 2 putt par, Ben hit a lusy approach, but manage to scrape up a bogey. Justin up 1.

17th - Also CTP, Douchebag greened it, Justin hit a hole in one!! unforutnately, that hole was a gopher hole. Douchebag, 2 putt par, Justin had some issues, but managed a double - Benzo the douch up 1.

18th - a couple below average drives, justing almost in the water on his 3rd, benzo under a tree after his 3rd. FF to the green, justin had a putt for bogey, and benzo had a long par attempt. Justin 2 putts, benzo 2 putts, Benzo is the douchbag that everyone already know he is.


I have no pictures.