Chapter News

Henley takes The Last Gasp and qualifies for MGAWC

The Last Gasp was held at Ruggles Ferry Golf Course on 10/29/2017.......and DAMN was it cold! We decided to push the event back, so that we could get more guys to attend the event! It was about a high of 38 degrees and with the wind blowing it damn near felt freezing. Really can't complain to much, as we had a shotgun start for the five foursomes that attended the outing and we had the course to ourselves......because we were the only, let's say BRAVE (to put a positive spin on it) ones to play in this weather! Scores were really high today, and I blame it all on the weather conditions, because our balls were frozen and wouldn't move the way they should and our shafts weren't warm enough to really extend out so that we could get to the hole! As you can see, not a whole lot was working, even our camera were frozen as we couldn't even take pictures! Some how John Henley was able to bare the cold and take his first tournament win, maybe it was because he is from Denver and it was just another day in the park for him, who knows, but with that win he did qualify for the MGAWC in November! 

It still was a great time to be out with all of these great mediocre golfers! Glad you all made it out, and look forward to more great shots, great people and a lot more laughs! It was a great year and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! 2018, looking forward to it!!

Event Results

1.John Henley92$1.12
2.Brandon Wise95$0.68
2.Jason Bowers95$0.68
4.Jason Pruitt96$0.56
5.Scott McCarty98$0.50
6.Troy Price99$0.40
6.Fred Tipton99$0.40
8.Rick Thompson100$0.25
8.Tom Bethel100$0.25
8.Joe Santagado100$0.25
11.Sean Fay103$0.12
12.Daniel Tabor107$0.06
13.Austin Putt108$0.05
13.Rick Gegenheimer108$0.05
15.Wayne Hammons111$0.03
16.Duane Andrews116$0.02
17.Jeff burkhardt126$0.00