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Hey Mr. 298, it’s lonely on the TIPS!

Mike ‘298’ Hanley is bound and determined to put CINMGA on the map.   First he brought home the Long Drive award from the World Championships last November.   Now has won the first two events that he has attended to shoot up to #3 on the global money list!!!   He made us proud but don’t get us wrong, we are thrilled to push him back another set of tees at the next tournament.  This is especially true because he added insult to our injury by also taking home both a Gross Award and Closest to the Pin.  Actually the only reason we are even talking to him at this point is because he missed the 3 foot Meagle putt on his CTP hole.



Another man on the move is Dennis H. who was the last guy to bring CINMGA fame by losing to Rudy’s miracle chip in a playoff and finishing second in the 2014 World Championships.  Apparently second place is his comfort zone as he has finished 2nd in the last two tournaments which is enough to propel him to 14th on the global money list.

Watching his math skills after the each tournamen, we were all wondering if age had gotten the better of Billdozer.  His golf game was also on a slow slide to the bottom after the first two tournaments.    However he rose from the grave and returned to contention with a nice third-place finish.


Dominic D'Ambrosio burst onto the scene in his MGA debut chipping in for a Meagle 3 on his first MGA hole and then immediately proved that he belonged by putting up a 7 on the next one. He did stabilized enough for a solid fourth place.


Nate Williams rounded out the top five posting a very respectful 85 to take the Gross Award but, still paying nine penalty strokes for his showing off with two DQs, this score only netted him  fifth place finish overall.


Tim Grimes and Greg Adams rolled in tied for sixth place with identical score is 96.  Reviewing the scorecard we noted something that looks a lot like Tim's school career math homework, with all of his scores being suspiciously close to Greg's on each hole.


Jeff Gilbert moved back into the top 10 with an 8th place finish after falling out during the last tournament.    But gone are the glory days when he rolled into town for his first tournament with CINMGA, shot an 88 and took home a Major! (Bastards)


He was followed by Randy Watkins who has a nice mathematical progression so far this season with scores of 90, 93, and 99. The mathematicians are predicting either a 108 or 117 for the next tournament.  (an extra gold sticker if you can repeat the formulas for the two progressions)


The top 10 was rounded out with a tie between Doc and Ryan McNamara at an even 100. This was Doc’s second 100 in a row but the good news is that the penalty strokes are melting away! Ryan apparently did not like top three as he had gone 3rd, 3rd,  now 10th .


Andy Stout in 12 place apparently plays for symmetry in his record.  In his last three tournaments at Mercer County he went 2nd,  3rd and 4th .   In his first three tournaments at Cincinnati he has now gone 10th, 11th and now 12th.


In the ‘business courier’ pairing, Eric Ross debuted on the MGA in 13th place with a solid 103 followed by infamous Matt Fischer (he gave the MGA some love in his Business Courier interview which inspired Eric to join us) at 106.  Eric proved that he is one of us by carding everything from threes to double digits to finish right in the middle of the pack and pick up his first MGA hardware, the Most Mediocre Award.


Mike Boyer returned to the money and 15th place after taking a tournament off to recover from his warm handshake finish in the Rebel Beach.   Rumor has it was he was sent down to putt putt league to hone his game and apparently it worked.  


Dave Gibson slid into the final paying position by one stroke keeping him just to head of the warm handshake club.


Some famous former winners Bob Preslar (six times) and Dan Harold (twice) headlined the eight person WHC (warm handshake club).  Andy Schild had to work to get into this exclusive club after shooting a respectable 52 on the front.   His nice meltdown of 9 strokes on the back got him into the WHC and earned him a Meltdown Award.


Bob Evans doubled up on the Red key award but hope springs eternal as he improved by two strokes and played with a bad back that took a few holes to warm up.  Bob improved by 14 strokes on the back nine.


 Next up is the tough Blue Ash course on May 27 for the F.U. Open. Remember that's the Freedom and Unity open so red white and blue are the only acceptable clothing colors.   Patriotic decorations of any kind also add a nice touch and will be considered when the commissioner is making choices for captains pick on the Buckeye cup team.

Event Results

1.Mike Hanley86$1.71
2.Dennis H.90$1.14
3.Bill Morley91$0.95
4.Dominic D'Ambrosio92$0.86
5.Nate Williams94$0.76
6.Tim Grimes96$0.62
6.Greg Adams96$0.62
8.Jeff Gilbert98$0.48
9.Randy Watkins99$0.38
10.* Doc100$0.24
10.Ryan McNamara100$0.24
12.Andy Stout102$0.10
13.Eric Ross104$0.09
14.Matt Fischer106$0.07
15.Mike Boyer107$0.05
16.Dave Gibson109$0.03
17.Dan Harold110$0.00
18.Mike Spratt113$0.00
19.Robert Preslar114$0.00
20.Jared Leiker118$0.00
20.Andy Schild118$0.00
22.Pepe Flores119$0.00
23.Matt Neary123$0.00
24.Jamie Horne129$0.00
25.Bob Evans130$0.00

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