Chapter News

HobartMGA - season 2018 is (almost) here!

The intro

The trophy pack has turned up so the official countdown to the new MGA season is on. In fact there’s only a month to go now before you’re gonna have to turn up to the Am-Am and pretend you remember how to swing a club.

The schedule and the courses

Schedule’s been locked down early so get the dates in the calendar. Already heard reports of a couple of medios winning out on date-clash-arguments with their WAGs, with the MGA schedule already in their diary. One was even an anniversary… maybe. We’re mixing up the gaps between tournaments this year – catering for school holidays now, too, with too many medios with too many kids – so just don’t work off the standard 4-week gaps as per previous years!

We’ve got the Rebel Beach Am-Am up first, on 25 March at Elderslie GC. I’m not gonna do random groupings this year, so if want to win a two-headed trophy (or even the chapter-prize beer prizes off your handicaps), then sort a partner and let me know! Team kits and names encouraged – and rewarded. Big cheque-wise, surely James Teirney doesn’t need a fifth one of these… someone else’s turn to start off hot.

Dates and proposed courses for the rest as follows:

The Bastards, 29 April – We skipped Kingston Beach last year so we could put it at the start of the season and not play it under water. Bastards is a great event for it.

FORE! Championship, 27 May – Looking at Claremont GC for the FORE! If you’re not near the top of the CML after this one, you can concentrate on beer for the rest of the year.

FU Open, 17 June – Tasmania GC probably for the first winter tourney. Short three week turn around into this one.

Bratish Open, 22 July ­­– I reckon we get back up to Ratho Farm for the Bratish. 18 holes these days, but the sheep still there.

The MGA, 12 August – North West Bay for this one again. Another short turn around. Good run of five 18-holers in a row if we can set this schedule.

Douche Bag Invitational, 16 September – Colebrook’s normally pretty quiet to let us go full douche. AFL semi final weekend – best I reckon to have no one away in Melbourne for it!

The Last Gasp, 13/14 October – Last year was good, so we’ll head away again for the Last Gasp! Where do we wanna do it, Orford? Tasman? Any others far enough away to justify the night, but close enough so those on a shorter chain can still play?

The field

A great chapter to pick up a recruit for your fantasy team, is Hobart. Small enough that you can be certain (enough) that your pick’s gonna be right at the pointy end most tournaments, but big enough to get the full (or close enough to) money at events.

The contenders

Rob Braithwaite’s the obvious one with his CML & three-tournament  winning season in 2017. He is carrying  bucket more penalty shots (deservedly) than this time last year. And be warned, we’ve had a three-tournament winner every year bar one since 2012, and they’ve never back up to win a big cheque the following year.

Throw a blanket over the rest of the contenders… McConnon, Lowe, Hardaker, Teirney. Will just come down to least lost balls on the day. I’ll tip a big year from Coombes or Mathyssen though, we’re due for a fresh CML winner.

The rest

Most of this group is Chris White and his gang of Farnies. Somehow always the blokes winning the six packs from the chapter awards. We’ll throw Dale Potter into this one too though – hanging to mediocre status, but not gonna win too many tourneys with 10 penalty shot load.

The recruits?

Would love a big write up in this section, but none on the radar at the minute! Come on guys, who you got (who can pass the 9HDB rule, of course). Did hear an early rumour of 2012 Last Gasp champ Tommy James Austen making a comeback with his new back though. That’ll excite plenty if that happens.

The prizes

The greatest trophies in golf are back from MGA HQ , looking for a new mantle to call home and collect dust on. And we’ll dish out the chapter prizes again to keep everyone excited… six packs, ball sleeves, and what else we can round up. Mediocrewards is back too for those than can hold onto their card for the year for a free t-shirt!

The wrap up

The MGA’s celebrating 10 years of world domination this year, and we’ve been around for eight of them - pretty good effort I reckon. We’re on the smaller side compared to some of the big chapters (still waiting for our first medio to finish 17th and miss out on the “money”), but it’s a pretty even chapter and we’ve only had one medio win the Chapter Money List twice… and Hamilton’s been shoved well down the money list these days. Let’s make 2018 a good one.