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How To Force The MGA To Care About You

THE INTERNET, CA - Like it or not, The MGA has grown pretty damn big at this point. We used to know everyone on a first-nickname basis, but those days are sadly long gone. It's harder now to stand out from the pack, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try and it warms our heart when we see people give it a fighting effort.

There are two ways to make yourself known in the MGA. Either you can win a bunch of events -definitely the more challenging approach- or you can put entertaining and unique photos on Instagram and tag us in them. If you use the hashtag #MGATOUR on your Instagram photos (and have a public account), they will show up in the Medio Media section of the site for all to enjoy.

As mentioned in the caption above, not all photos deserve to be tagged. Let's all hold the #MGATOUR tag to a high standard in terms of entertainment and picture quality. If we don't, people will stop looking at it. Or perhaps even worse, they'll think the MGA is just another lame golf group. We all know that we are not just another lame golf group, we're the MGA dammit! If you have a pic that screams, fuck yea, we're having a good time, tag it #MGATOUR. If you have a pic of a guy swinging a golf club, there better be a breathtaking backdrop (or cart girl). If there isn't, maybe just tag it with your chapter code and hold off on the #MGATOUR tag.


Rebel Beach Am-Am! #mgatour #dcmga

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It doesn't take much to transform a boring bar pic into something more interesting. The "Rich Bitch" line's positive effect on this photo is not to be ignored either. #MGATOUR approved!


Speaking of not to be ignored... I don't know what this weird little app is or why this guy's videos draw me in, but somehow they do. #MGATOUR approved!


#mgawc16 #pbr #neverbelonley Greatest People On Earth Ever

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Every chapter now has a chapter code (e.g. SFMGA, OAKMGA, SEAMGA). If you go to your chapter page and click the MEDIA button, you MAY see yours here. I say may, because it is up to the Chapter Leader to enter that code on the back end. If he does that, then any Instagram picture you tag with your chapter code will appear on that media page.


We took it one step further and gave the CL's the power to create unique hashtags for each event. Again, they have to play along for this to work, but if they do, you will see the hashtag for that event at the bottom of each event page. This is a great way to post pictures of all the misadventures you get into out on the course and share them with the world. Quick note: we don't censor. If Instagram thinks it's acceptable for public consumption, it will show up on our site. In fact, we're probably missing out on some high-quality shots thanks to Instagram's censors. #THANKSINSTAGRAMOBAMA

What's great about these event codes is that now the chapter as a whole will be able to see all the fun that went on that day, instead of just the stuff that took place in front of the CL and his camera. You will also be able to easily look back on events and see how awesome your chapter used to be before you got all old and boring. Always remember, it's never too late to be awesome again... #MGARENAISSANCE

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silver lining, shmilver lining. I miss golf. Back for the fore, bitches!

I'm new to this whole social media thing, glad to hear I'm on the right track. Now Let's see if it translates into some new MGA members! Either way us current Medios can share some laughs... keep it up guys! (And Gals)