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How To Putt Over Goose Shit

THE INTERNET, CA - This video contains a valuable tip that we think most MGAers will need as we start our season down here in the warm and sunny United States Of America. Out of sheer jealousy that we're golfing and they're not, those assholes up in Yellowknife, Quebec and Calgary sent their not-so-silent assassins down to shit all over our courses. Joke's on you Canada. Solution found.


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Definitely lots of geese barking at us (me) in PHX yesterday. They mainly sat silently until I was in full back-swing at the tee, or when I was lining up that dreaded 5ft putt (that I missed over and over again all day). I blame the geese (read: canadians). :D lots of fun.

To quote those old Guinness commercials: BRILLIANT!