Chapter News

Iain makes a satanic start to the Asheville Douchebag 2017

Five brave medios.  One inverted visor.  A magnificent day for golf at Crooked Creek, and we remembered to bring the big checks for once.  It was a tight finish, with Nick and Steven tied at the clubhouse, until an Aussie bastard managed to sneak up in the second group and ruin the chance for what would have been a thrilling playoff. 

The excitement is building for the Asheville contingent to MGAWC17, where we plan to improve on last year's "Only two of us showed up so one of us had to win the whole thing", and 2015's magnificent last place in the Chapters Cup.  Defending World Champion Nick Hinton braved the view from the back tees and took the gross, and picked up his first kinda long from a bomb on the strangely ball-repellent 9th.  Only Nick and George managed to hit the fairway, and since George hits off the tees with a glorified Q-tip, there was no competition.

In a first for Asheville MGA, the entire field melted up! Even Christopher Joyner, who gets to enjoy another course from the red tees after picking up back-to-back keys. Even Iain, who started out 666, which in Henderson County, North Carolina is still a burnable offence.  Iain Orr lost his rangefinder on the 10th tee box, and then managed a better back nine than front nine. Just saying.

Iain is regretting giving George his nine-iron back, as George added insult to injury by stealing kinda close on the 16th, using the tried and true "with no rangefinder, and a temporary tee box, close your eyes and hit a nine iron hard and hope it goes straight" approach.

Steven Edwards put in a rock-solid 93 to follow a 90 at the MGA and could be a dark horse at MGAWC17.

Asheville finishes out the season on October 21 with the Last Gasp.  Course TBA


Event Results

1.George Heard91$0.42
2.Steven Edwards93$0.26
2.Nick Hinton93$0.26
4.Iain Orr100$0.21
5.Christopher s.Joyner123$0.19