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Inland Empire MGA 2017 - Inagural Season Recap

RIVERSIDE, CA - Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, we have gathered here in the heart and center of the IE to hand out some end of the year awards. In the tradition of Actors and Musicians we have come to acknowledge some of the accomplishments from the year and slightly inflate our oh so humble ego's.  Although some may say there is nothing artistic about Mediocre Golf, our game doesn't have to be a masterpiece to recieve recognition, deserved or not. So without further ado the nominees are...  


- Tim Minamyer's 19 on the 2nd hole of his 1st MGA tournament (coming in as better than a bogey golfer)

-- Either Brian's B-Day Blowup 122 or Wild Turkey's B-Day Blowup 127

--- Alex Rainey's then record 147 in his first MGA tournament

---- Any one of Sam's Dual-handed Overhead Tomahawk club throws 


Tim "19" Minamyer !!! There were alot of Mediocre moments throughout the year but none as Sub-Mediocre as this one. For his efforts (and honesty) Tim walks away with a "lifetime" supply of plastic tees because if anyone actually cards a 19, they should be encouraged to Tee it up again!!! 

*** Dis-Honorable Mention : Jstar and Gramicane at the 1st tournament putting in range codes without buckets to catch the balls !!!



- Jstar's 39 front 9 at 1st tourney, lifetime best 79 in "practice" round at The Links at Summerly, and/or Claret Jugs "Win" at Indian Wells vs OC and El Presidente

-- Navy Nate's 5 Meagles and FORE Championship Victory before shipping off 

--- (In a "practice" round) "Screw You" Kyle drives into a lateral hazard on Par 5 at Eagle Glen. Drops and immediately shanks 3rd shot into the same lateral hazard. 5th shot from 280 yds out ... sticks a 3wd to 10ft and 1 putts for the BEST MAR EVER !!! 

----Gramicane drives the Par 4 9th @ Dos Lagos (another practice round) misses his first Malbatross but finishes with a personal best 87

----- Joining OCMGA for their MGA Championship at Hidden Valley, On the 196 Yard Par 3 over a ravine with a cross wind blowing right... Jeffrey "Wild Turkey" Olson used a 3 iron hybrid to record his first ever HOLE IN ONE !!! Game Blouses !!!

I know I used "practice' round data this year but it was too spectacular to pass up! For Wild Turkey's ace he won a new Golf Towel. Whoopie !!! 


J "Far from a Star" Olson finished his life-changing Inagural season with 3 1st's, 3 2nd's, and 2 4th's. 6th out of 351 in California and 35th out of 1661 on the Global Money List. But with an increased  number of Medios and competition in the coming years, and a golf game that typically wallows in Mediocrity, this may be the only chapter money title Jstar ever claims so he's gonna enjoy this one for a while. Either way he will be "riding high" all the way to the MGAWC in Las Vegas to represent the IE !!! Next year we will be coming in force so start planning /saving now if you need to !!!   



Rockin' Ryan (the artist formally known as Ryan "Red Key' Kelly) Claimed the first two Red Keys in the IEMGA's young history. Once he shed the Key he kept improving , beating his Father Lawrence for the first time ever at Indian Wells and culminating in beating nearly all of the field at the MGA championship with his 4th place finish. It's been awesome to see him improve throughout the year and see if he can take the next step and win one next year ! This will be a fun award to watch year to year and see who is on the Medios to watch list for the following season. For his improvement Ryan walked away with a vintage Ping Eye 2 SW (since he played all season without one). Congrats Dude !!! 

There were a couple of other stats announced ....

LOWEST 18 hole score : Graham's guest Hua shot an 80 at the MGA, but guests only matter enough to let them play as a trial run... So Navy Nates 81 at Tukwet Canyon - Legends for the FORE! holds the mark after year 1.

HIGHEST 18 hole score : Alex Rainey's 147 at the FU OPEN was narrowly surpassed by Ricky Dick Dunham's 148 at the D-Bag Invitational. Way to set the bar of faliure real real high gentleman. Most new incoming Medios will think I can't shoot THAT BAD so I'm right at home here! 

MOST MEDIOCRE 18 hole score : seriously ... way to many nominations to mention

LONGEST KINDA LONG - goes to Jstar for his monster drive on the 16th at Indian Hills... Kyle and a few others hit bigger balls this year but none on the Kinda Long Hole.

CLOSEST KINDA CLOSE - Although Wild Turkey had the Ace, and Danny, Ricky, and a few others came close to getting that elusive hole-in-one ... "Screw You" Kyle, put one to a few feet at the Bratish for the closest kinda close

CINDERELLA PRIZE - Tim Minamyer ... We had an abnormally large hat graciously donated by the host course at the Dbag Invit. and it fit Tim like a glass slipper. One day your Prince Charming will find you (hahaha) !!! 

And Last But Not Least, The Most Prestigious Award in the IEMGA ...

MEDIOCRE GOLFER OF THE YEAR :  Chris "Mediocre Tiger" Garcia

Chris tied with early season Mr. Mediocre Lawrence Kelly, with 3 Mediocre awards a piece and all but ruined his chances for the award by finishing in 3rd place in the last two tournaments. But in the end this award is supposed to embody more than just who ends up in the middle of the pack the most. Lawrence did all he could to play his way out of Mediocrity and put in a noble effort, but Chris's performance on and off of the course really embodied the Mediocre spirit. No official survey was taken but this is one Medio everyone hopes stays involved for many years to come! For his exemplary attitude and truly Mediocre play Chris WON a FULL PAID FOURSOME to Tukwet Canyon valued at $200+ !!!  Congrats !!!  


So many people to thank .... 

This has been a great 1st season in the MGA and everyone appears to have really enjoyed the experience. Thank you to all IEMGA Medios and your wives/girlfriends/family who allowed and even enthusiastically supported you this season!!! Thank you to all of the staff at our host courses for being welcoming to a group of Mediocre hacks and for your generous prize donations. And Much Thanks to Jon Morley and Willie Dills for creating something that has brought thousands of Mediocre Golfers together to find a place they can feel comfortable with their Mediocrity and laugh at themselves and others. Oh how we love to laugh.. if you saw our prizes and thought we take this seriously then ... shit I dunno, piss off you wanker! To everyone else, Registration for next season should open up in January and keep up with the schedule for offseason events... HAPPY GOLFING EVERYONE !!!