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Kick off classic -Las Vegas MGA

The biggest weekend in sports in Las Vegas has concluded! The Las Vegas Mga was glad to be part of it with the highest ratings of all of them . Golden knights, NASCAR, UFC ,World Rugby ,UNLV and Las Vegas MGA . That’s right , we were the highest rated event of all of them . We are in negotiations with espn13 and fox sports to start see who will carry our events live ! Congrats to Ron Unstoppable for a great win the the Las Vegas AM-AM 2018 . A great field of 34 players and he came in a nice first place and yes he got to take home the big check as you can see . 

Las Vegas MGA got to open the MGA season for the world . We are the first Chapter to launch the year and we will be the last stop for the MGA Championships which will be held here in November ! We look forward to seeing everybody this year at the worlds because were planning big things like keeping all the winning hardware . Bring on the world .


big shout out to Ron again for being the big winner

newcomer James “Popeye “ Sheldon won the Mediocre award ,,, not to bad and not to good 

longest drive went out to our boy E.J. ,, nobody saw it but ok you win !

closest to the pin:  Jordon Jarvis with a nice stroke into the wind from 200 yards out 

gross ward went out the our defending champ ,,,Anthony Carrillo. Damn hes good ( we need you in Havasu )

and welcome the Diaz clan , biggest meltdown goes to willie Diaz and the red key goes to RJ Diaz ! Welcome boys !!!


great fun , great times and who got the last of the Crown that was left out there ?? I hope it was empty 

let the world know that the Las Vegas MGA is the best in the world !!  #vegasstrong

see yah next month 

Event Results

1.Ron Stoppable91$1.12
2.Randy Harman92$0.74
3."The Kevin Williams"93$0.62
4.Jordan Jarvis94$0.56
5.Garth Meacham95$0.50
6.Anthony Carrillo96$0.43
7.Rick Mosca97$0.37
8.Eric Lamont98$0.31
9.Scott Ferguson99$0.16
9.Robert Shannon99$0.16
9.Brian Sweeney99$0.16
9.Eric Callner99$0.16
13.Robert Melvin100$0.04
13.Jerry Thompson100$0.04
13.James Sheldonpape100$0.04
16.Josh James101$0.02
16.marc wedding101$0.02
16.Scott Flanigan101$0.02
19.Janet Veloz102$0.00
20.Brian Eller103$0.00
21.Robert Vallecillo105$0.00
22.Zack Harman106$0.00
23.Ej Krueger107$0.00
24.Shaun Gonzalez109$0.00
25.Sharon Witt111$0.00
26.Rob Kinney115$0.00
27.David Bakanas116$0.00
28.Nathan Denny137$0.00
29.Willie Diaz139$0.00
30.RJ Diaz155$0.00

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Panel Of Experts (2)


155 is epic

That’s some hard work right there