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Las Vegas The MGA

Ok ok .... Looks like we did it again !!!  We had another women beat 26 guys again !!  What the hell is going on in vegas right now . First we get hockey , then we get the raiders and now we get another female golf champion !!!  This crap has gotta stop ! Women's lib has gone to far in the Las Vegas MGA . Congrats go out to Leisha Telles ! She shot a 85 and had 3 double bogeys as well ! How all you other chapters are ready for her when you come to Las Vegas !! Her boyfriend is a MGA player as well and lets just say he's played her over 50 times with no victory in his pocket ! Sorry E.J Krueger , had to mention you in this story ( he shot 110) 

we had a great turn out of 25 players for our MGA round of golf ! We have 43 members so I'm hoping we have a larger turn out for our next event . 

Ok , lets tell you how everything turned out ,,,

winner : Leisha Telles

most Mediocre : Scott Ferguson

Biggest Meltdown : Matt Tomita

Longest Drive: Leisha Telles

Closest to the pin : Jake Hargis

Gross Award ; Jake Hargis

Key to the Red Tee : Nathan Denny


Event Results

1.Leisha Telles85$1.35
2.Brian Hoisington86$0.90
3.Jordan Jarvis88$0.75
4.Ron Stoppable90$0.64
4.Garth Meacham90$0.64
6.Eric Lamont91$0.45
6.Heather Gorey91$0.45
6.Ray Gonzalez91$0.45
9.Will Sitthisay92$0.23
9.James Miyasato92$0.23
9.Jake Hargis92$0.23
12.Scott Ferguson95$0.08
13.Joe Walsh97$0.06
13.Rich Young97$0.06
15.Jerry Thompson100$0.04
16.Matt Smith102$0.02
17.Josh James104$0.00
18.Dan Yuhas106$0.00
19.Eric Callner110$0.00
19.Ej Krueger110$0.00
21.David Bakanas111$0.00
22.Robert Shannon114$0.00
23.Marco Farrarons119$0.00
24.Nathan Denny125$0.00
25.MATT Tomita133$0.00

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Ron Stoppable and Eric : Nice "Mediocre" bogey golf rounds!