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Las Vegas MGA

The Las Vegas mga will be the first chapter to kick off the 2018 season !  We will also be the last stop for the mga world championship for which we will be the #1 chapter after november world championship . We do it right here in the entertainment capitol of the world . That’s right , you guys are coming to us and we will be waiting . We want the world championship belt and the chapter championship . For the 10 year anniversary Las Vegas will be keeping all the trophys here in our town . Hell were not even waiting for you to come to us , were going to Arizona to sharpen our blades on some west Arizona mga chumps. Pahrump your next if think you got what it takes !


remember that the road to the mga world starts in Las Vegas and it will end here . After all we are Jon Morley favorite chapter ! #vegasstrong  we are strong at 38 members now but worry we are still recruiting some Las Vegas celebrities to join in the fun . Doesn’t O.J live in Las Vegas ? That’s a good secret weapon . You know what happens when you make the juice angry ! See all you second place mga chapters in Las Vegas . 


Your #1 chapter has spoken ! We are vegasstrong !!

peace out losers

Here is our schedule for Las Vegas if anybody would like to come out and golf a round with some winners ! Join the fun with a round of golf in Las Vegas 

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Hey you got the Bratish at Royal this year, way to go E!