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Leiker fires warning shot to CINMGA medios

Jared Leiker put all the CINMGA medios on notice that this will be his year (or not) by taking the fourth annual El Presidente cup at Wyoming Golf Club.    His solid 43 (9 hole tournament) was good enough to take home the championship and the gross award.   He added to his haul by beating out the Billdozer for closest to the pin (he may live to regret that!)   Randy Watkins proved that he is a contender this year by following up his season ending win with a nice second place.  Matt Neary shot one of his best rounds ever in the MGA to round out the top 3.  A couple of newbies got into the action as  Bryan Scott flexed his muscle to take home the Long Drive and Ryan Floum battled his way to the middle of the pack to grab the Most Mediocre.

It was a great day for 19 medios with 5 first timers and not a douchebag among them, except of course Tim Grimes, who made up for that by creating a great new trophy for the event.  


 Zinicola recorded the first 'urinal in one' for the season.  During his pregame piss, one of his balls (golf that is) got way from him and bounced into the urinal.   Apparently that was the only good bounce he got on the day as he shot a 52!



Here are the final results (after proper penalty stroke corrections) in case you are placing bets on who is going to be a serious contender this year. 

1st - Jared L

2nd - Randy W.

3rd - Matt N.  (one of his best rounds ever!)

4th - Kyle G., Doc, Bryan S.

7th - Tim G.

8th - Dan H.

9th - Billdozer

10th - Ryan F. (Most Mediocre)

11th - Rich Z., Dave R.

13th - Mike B.

14th - Ryan Mc., Justin P.

16th - Jeff G.

Warm hand shake club - Jim W., Mario C. and Bob E.

Red Key - Bob E.  (he promises, the last one this year)


The real competition kicks off in two weeks at Glenview with the Rebel Beach Am/Am.      We will have a 9 am shotgun start and are expecting a big field so lock in your partner now.

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Urinal In One., I love it. Even so, Bill is looking like he's ready to take a nap!

If you take a selfie in a bathroom, is it a "smellfie"?