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Local News Crew Wastes Budget On Grand Rapids MGA Chapter



GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Those who pay close attention to the MGA will know that this is the second time Grand Rapids has had an MGA Chapter. The first was back in 2012 and it was a fucking disaster. The difference this time? Chapter Leader Justin Glover.

It's clear as day that he and his crew "get" the MGA and are all about having a good time out there. This energy and attitude is what makes a chapter work and is the only reason a legitimate news channel can justify throwing away real American dollars covering the MGA. They did a great job on the piece too (with the exception of not once mentioning that the tiny amount of prize money comes on a big check).


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So awesome!

Atta boy Justin! You may suck at golf but getting this on the air shows you have other redeeming qualities. Thanks!

Thanks! I thought I was getting punked until they actually showed up with cameras!

Mga is on the rise! Corporate sponsors should be coming out of the woodwork after this advertisement!

If we had corporate sponsors I wouldn't be able to say fuck corporate sponsors in here!

You could get one and then talk shit until they bail... hahaha