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MGA Co-Founder "Straight" Willie Dills Gives MGAWC Hotel Tour

THE INTERNET, CA - New to the MGAWC or just curious which bars you may have missed at our hotel last year? You're in luck!

"Straight" Willie Dills was in Vegas recently and took some time while staying at Sam's Town to grab video (security was super into him doing this BTW) of the hotel and all its amenities. We moved to Sam's Town last year after The California had its ceilings lowered another two feet (to make its core demo feel taller) and we are excited to be returning this year to check out their newly renovated rooms!

MGAWC registration closes Oct. 13th and space is limited! Put down a $50 deposit HERE to lock your spot in the field.


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Panel Of Experts (2)


I remember somethings about this place from last year, the lady who slapped her husband at the blackjack table knocking him off the chair causing quite a chuckle amoungst the bullriders who were in town was a cool feature, stepping over someone passed out in the elevator on the way to my room sometime after 1:00am and stepping over him again at 7:00am on the McD's was another cool feature,the hottest pepper I have ever eaten at the buffet was a fucking nightmare not to be repeated this year. Can't wait for this year. Peace n Luv.

I remember nothing. Well except that I sent Mike McMorrow to bed after only 12 hours of drinking together Sunday night.