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MGAWC - 2016 Spirit Animal Revealed!

THE INTERNET, CA - By a final vote of 27-18, Tessa Morley defeats NOCO's Chris "Ironhead" Daggett to become the first MGAWC Spirit Animal!

Tessa has been with the MGAWC since the beginning and is a huge reason why the MGAWC has the vibe it does. When people voted, they had the option to include a quote. The publishable ones really say it all...


"I choose Tessa for her continued support in making the MGAWC the best weekend of the year!!! I probably only know 1/2 of what she does - but she is very deserving. Plus it was a perfect double handed pour over 2 brave medios!!"


"She has gone above and beyond to make the WC's a success. She has a heart of gold and everybody including myself, loves Tessa. She is "Spirit Animal" for all. Amen."


"OG since 2009"




"Daggett took an early lead with that giant knot on his forehead, but Tessa stormed to the finish in my mind with her performance at the awards ceremony."