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MGAWC - Chapters Cup Results (The Accurate Ones) Posted!

THE INTERNET, CA - The Chapters Cup is a hotly contested prize at each year's MGA World Championship. Well... maybe hotly contested isn't the right description... Highly coveted might be more accurate.


Any chapter that brings 3 or more medios will have their top 3 scores totaled at the end of the two rounds. Then as tradition goes, the Cup is presented to San Francisco while the rest of the chapters are left to fight for second place. Only once in the history of the universe has another chapter taken The Cup away from San Francisco.


In 2014 Salt Lake City took The Cup by 3 tiny little strokes. Last year, SF was pissed and took it back by 8 strokes over DFW. And just be sure you guys understand who the hell runs this town, SF won The Cup by a whopping 10 strokes this year. FTW.


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Atlanta, WTF ? 162 stroke difference between first and last. Must have been the dry air. But gotta give you props, you never caved in and walked off to the nearest point of relief better known as the bar. Over acheive at WGAWC17