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#MGAWC16 Spirit Animal Voting Deadlocked. Medios To Decide!

THE INTERNET, CA - Those of you who attended the MGAWC this year know that a new award was created, the MGAWC Spirit Animal. As with most new things, there were a few teething pains upon implementation. Namely, I handed out the voting cards to the Chapter Leaders on Thursday and expected them to be able to hang onto them until Saturday. You can imagine how well that went...


Luckily, medios are a patient bunch and the time that has passed since the MGAWC has only heightened the anticipation of who our first Spirit Animal award winner will be. The award is meant to recognize the medio who best embodies the spirit of the MGAWC, has the biggest impact on this year's event and whose presence shook Vegas to its vapid, soul-less core.


The Chapter Leaders who attend the event each get one vote to decide our winner. I was afraid we'd end up with a 23-way tie this year, with everyone voting for different people. But it appears a few medios really made their mark and we ended up with some favorites.



The Chapter Leaders are deadlocked!! Since the chaptoral college couldn't finish the job, we will now open voting to the medios who attended #MGAWC16. Please give this careful consideration and then cast your vote. The results will be revealed December 6th. The winner will get a shiny medal and the prestigious honor of being called the first ever MGAWC Spirit Animal!



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