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Mo's Money Shot Key to Victory

Holy Meagles!  Morgan cruises, Zach returns, and Beyers disappoints Ricky Bobby. 

Larry Morgan came back with vengeance after the fearless chapter leader revoked the prized Bastards hat from him earlier in the morning.  Morgan came out with a bang and sank a birdie on the first hole that set his pace for the rest of the day.  He cruised to a somewhat competitive Gross of 83 and Champion with an 87.


Hell must have frozen over on Sunday because RB Rossi breaks 90 to take second place with an 88.  After his mediocre 52 on the front 9, RB came back to play the best 9 holes of his life for a 36 on the back 9.  I guess we all know what RB’s favorite holes are.


Rounding out the top 5 were Zach Aguirre returning to action with a 91 for 3rd, and a 4-way tie for 4th place between Jerid Sandoval, Michael Drews, Brandon Crawford, and Bob LeClair each turning in a 92.


Alex Bowman defied all odds and defends his Longest Drive for his second in a row.


RB Rossi’s back 9 proved unstoppable as he takes his second Closest to the Pin award this season.


The biggest skins winner of the members was Jerid Sandoval.  He took in a whopping 8 skins again.  This man just knows how to time his best holes.


If Ricky Bobby was okay with coming in the middle of the pack, then Garrett Beyers would be fulfilling his imaginary icon’s vision of “If you ain’t first, you’re last” motto.  Alas, that is not the case and Garrett is just the Most Mediocre out of this group this time.

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I refuse to read stories without pictures.

whats a boy gotta do to win more than one skin per outing in this mediocre crew ?? maybe save a mirdie until the 16th. good to see the semi participation increasing this year however the competition still sucks for the most part in a good way otherwise we wouldn't be medicore.