Chapter News

Mr. 298 and others champs (chumps?)

​​With the first cold air moving in it raises the question where did the golf season go? CINMGA had another great year with our largest membership ever of 46 guys displaying their mediocrity.   Mr. 298, Mike Hanley, put together three wins in his six appearances to come out on top of the heap and take home the chapter money list title also finishing number 30 on the Global money list.

As often happens towards the end of the season life got busy and fewer people showed up and this was also reflected in the lack of articles for the last events so let’s correct that. Three great tournaments concluded the season and one horrible competition. Three great tournament started with the MGA which was played at two different locations utilizing both the regional event (see previous article) and a good outing at Miami Whitewater. The king of the hill at the end of those events was Salsa “Dan Harold who knocked out an 84 at the Eagles Landing GC during the regional event to take his second victory of the year with The MGA but also the crown of first ever regional champion for 2017.

The next event was a douche bag and a full set of douche bags showed up bragging about their lame accomplishments.  See pictures below.   Doc, an outstanding douche bag, took home the prize to notch the fifth win of his illustrious career.

Finally we came to the Last Gasp and had a first time winner as  Randy Watkins came through with it an excellent 86.    But he was not the only hot hand on the day as Dennis H. prepped for the World Championship also came home in 86.   It took three rounds of play off chip and put but Randy showed the stronger nerves to prevail as the champ.

Next is off to the world championship where a team of six of our best will take on the Revere  golf course in Henderson Nevada and  220 other Medios from around the world to try and being crowned champion of the MGA world.   Of course we will also be competing for the more important chapter’s cup which takes the top three scores from each participating chapter to declare the best chapter in the world. This year we we take back several returning veterans including Rich, Bill, Dennis, Dan and Tim along with a newbie Dave Ratajczak to bolster our chances.  The only thing that is guaranteed is that a good time will be had by all.