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NEW FOR 2017!

THE INTERNET, CA - The MGA prides itself on its original ideas. This year is no different as we proudly introduce MEDIOCREWARDS, The Bronze Ticket and all-new Kinda Long and Kinda Close awards. We're pretty sure all of these ideas are totally unprecedented and the first of their kind.




The MEDIOCREWARDS program is a card and stamp based reward program. We thought, "Hey, what do people like more than anything else?" The answer obviously, is that they want to carry extra shit around in their wallet. So we came up with a way to give everyone an extra thick card to put in their wallet for the entire season. Lose it and you get no reward!

Those of you who love reward programs -just like El Presidente does- will have the time of your life. You'll get the joy of slowly watching this physical card slowly fill with some of the most impressive MGA stickers ever created. When you hit your sixth event attended, run home as fast as you can and go to to see how to redeem that bad boy!




The Bronze Ticket* giveaway is an exciting new addition for those of you capable of winning tournaments. The rest of you are free to move along to the next item.

A constant struggle I face, is how do I make winning an MGA tournament feel special and awesome, but not special and awesome enough that people might have a collapse of conscience out on the course. It stands to reason, that if there were a truly desirable prize on the line, even the most honest medio might have a hard time doing the right thing when in the running for a win. So what I've come up with, is a way to offer the POTENTIAL -albeit very small potential- of a big prize for MGA winners. 

After the big check is awarded at each event, the Chapter Leader will fan out a set of identical envelopes in front of the new Champion. The Champ will pick one and then patiently wait while the Chapter Leader has someone start filming and positions himself squarely in front of The Champ. The CL will aim a party popper directly at The Champs face and The Champ may then open the envelope and read aloud what is written on the paper within.

Two winning envelopes will be distributed at random across the entire MGA. There will be many, MANY losers, but two extremely lucky medios will win a FREE 3 NIGHT / 2 ROUND package at the 2017 MGA World Championship! We won't be paying their airfare, but if they can get their ass to Vegas November 10th &11th, it will be all free from there!

*No actual bronze ticket will be in the envelope, as it was too easy to spot when held up to the light. Just read what's on the paper and you'll know...





I am particularly excited about these two additions! For many years (forever basically) we have given out stickers to the Kinda Long and Kinda Close champs. While stickers are indeed super awesome prizes that everyone wants, I felt they had fallen behind the quality of the rest of the prizes in recent years. So finally, this offseason felt like the right time to make some new prizes that were way more "money". So I did what anybody would do and immortalized a bunch of random shitty golfers by putting them on coins. But that wasn't enough for me, so I had those coins mounted on money clips that look like dollar symbols. FUCK. YEA.

We put these money clips up on our Instagram. Click here to go there and tag your friends if they made it on one of the coins!

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