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THE INTERNET, CA - Holy crap, it's March!! So to all you returning medios, that means it's time to start getting in shape for the new MGA season. Time to begin buying golf balls in bulk. Time to practice 12 oz. curls. Hell, maybe even time to throw in a range session before that first event. Or not. Won't matter anyways. But it's definitely time to get excited. The off-season is finally over and your Chapter Leaders are starting to post their first events on the site!

In case you need any help getting golf-pumped, watch the video below.



March is also the time of year when we allow deserving applicants to set up new chapters. The type of applicants who put a little extra effort into their chapter application. Case in point, if they actually succeed in making El Presidente laugh, he will damn near stalk them to get their chapter set up. Here are a few new chapters for 2017 and how they convinced El Presidente to let them in.


INLAND EMPIRE, CA - Chapter Leader J "Far from a star" Olson started his application with "I'm a wildly inconsistent golfer" and followed that up with "perhaps you've read one of my books, "How To Ruin A Great Drive." or "I Hit All Of My Clubs The Same Distance, How About You?"" He'll fit in nicely...

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Chapter Leader Justin Glover first submitted an application in 2014, but life got in the way and he wasn't able to make it happen. Glover proved he was a real MGAer though when he got back in touch last fall and let us know that he'd successfully conquered life and was ready to start his chapter. He earned bonus points for having a chapter logo ready before we'd even started setting up his chapter page!


SYRACUSE, NY -  There are few things we enjoy more than seeing medios move around and connect with medios in other towns. Similarly, it's great to see medios get so excited about the MGA that they want to start their own chapter. Chapter Leader Ed Polly played a few events in the Thousand Islands chapter last year and loved it. This year he decided he was going to start his own chapter and bring the joy of the MGA experience to Syracuse. Even though those two cities aren't that close, we fully support having multiple chapters in densely populated areas. It creates fun rivalries that can be settled through extra-curricular events such as the Cross Bay Cup.




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