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New member cards a 155, Greg V gets hit in the head... and Michael Desio wins 3 in a row

Mike DeSio wins for the third time in a row shooting a 91, while a new member Rob Anderson enters the hall of record holders with a 155.

During this round Greg Valenzuela crushed the long drive and then got a drive to the head from another member (shown wearing purple).

This is the OCMGA.

Here we have the three time champ and winner of the FORE! trophy. There were boos, and cheers, but no one can stay mad at Michael DeSio.

Not only is he a really nice guy, he also works at Roger Dunn. Also a reason he might be dominiating this season...

Phillip Valenzuela got closest to the pin and then DQ'd again, but this time he got to keep the gross award.

Jim Ryhal got 2nd place, after improving his game and shooting a 92 he still got beat by DeSio. He also got the meltdown award with a 6 stroke differential.

Other medios had the same difference but left early so...

Jamie Adams got 11th with a 104, staying far away from last place (by 51 strokes). He landed right around the middle so we threw him a golden M for Most Mediocre.

He wasn't sure what to do with the W.

This kid was trying to sell us the balls that hit his house, as if we wanted those unlucky balls back. ($2 fucking bucks for a Noodle!?!)

He was about to get a joke about getting hit by old man balls but his mom stopped us from talking to him.

Probably for the best.

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You gotta tell us more about that 155... that's averaging over a Snowman 8 per hole... !!! Was there a 27 in there or what?!