Chapter News

Newbie is a Bastard...........Winner!

On a gorgeous day at the Madison Club Golf Course, in only his second tourney, Alex Mariani sunk a downhill putt for the victory.  I swear his eyes were closed when he hit it, but it went in for the win.  Alex is now the proud owner of the Bastards hat and a beautiful green jacket.  Still crying because he had to put the jacket on the newbie in second place is Me.  I really wanted to keep that jacket it soooo goes with my wardrobe.  Good job Alex.

Coming in a 3rd place was Frank Kruth.  He wore his green shirt in the hope of a first place finish.  Gonna have to buy your own jacket sorry.

Wishing they could have made one more putt, Grant Matthews, Steve Kuskie, Dale Saller, and Trevor Nelson coming in a tie for 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th.  They say a tie is like kissing your sister, here's hoping that if they have sisters they are better looking than this group.

Coming in 8th and sooo mediocre was Mike Foote.  Followed by Jason Scheer in a disappointing 9th place.  Ask him, if he doesn't win he is so disappointed.

Another tie took 10th, 11th and 12th place.  Scott and Nick Hinsch scored their first checks in the MGA. While David Klein proved his 16th place finish in his first tourney was no fluke.  He now is 2 for 2 getting paid. Nick Hinsch saved his best drive of the day on the hole that counted.  That boy wasn't Kinda Long he was LONG!

Matt Houser kicked butt all the way to 13th place, followed by Adam Dembiski in 14th.  Michael DiPaolo almost gave up on the course but hung in their for a massive 15th place finish.  He salvaged his round with a great shot to take closest to the pin.  First time he smiled since the 3rd hole.

After being extremely upset about not getting a check in the AM-AM, Richard Hoffman came back strong for a 16th place finish and a check he needed his readers to see. 

Last and definately least, Dan Crossett came in with a wonderful round that earned him the Red Key and the beautiful trophy that he seems to like waayy to much. 

This was another great turnout for the Pittsburgh Chapter(even with our first dick move).  Everyone seems fired up this year and we have had a blast the first two tourneys.  Let's keep it rolling in May for The Fore.

PS:  Next time I will stay out of the pics.  Who needs that much of fat guy.