Chapter News

Nutt pulls out!!... his game and wins the F.U.!!

This was never the way he planned

Not, his intention

He was so brave, putter in hand

For, another Ma-ar

It’s not like, the first time

But he wants to try it on

The first one, was so sweet

Really, turned him on.


Bill won the FU, and he liked it

The taste of his second big check

Bill won again, and he liked it

The others are getting suspicious

It looked so wrong

But felt so right

Doesn’t mean he’ll win the next one

Bill won again, and he liked it

Yup, He liked it


No, He doesn’t know who came in 2nd

It, doesn’t matter

Golf’s his experimental game

He, likes to kni-it.

It’s what, golfers do

When they want to excel

Now his head’s, confused

What, to do next.


Bill won again, and he liked it

The taste of that F.U. trophy

Bill kissed a boy, and he liked it

Oops that wasn’t what I meant

It felt so right

But looked so wrong

Now he’s playing back a tee

Bill won again, and he liked it

Global Money champ?

Event Results

1.Bill Nutt89$1.35
2.Dan Goudy90$0.83
2.Kevin Coons90$0.83
4.michael beck93$0.64
4.Rex Belshaw93$0.64
6.Hans Swartzentruber95$0.49
6.Dan Lytle95$0.49
8.Ryan Dallimore 96$0.34
8.Travis Dunn96$0.34
10.Ryan Ferebee99$0.23
11.John Strack100$0.11
11.Chris Ellington100$0.11
13.Andy Chichester102$0.05
13.Thomas Dorsett102$0.05
13.Josh Philpott102$0.05
13.Kyle Snyder102$0.05
17.Alexis Anastassatos104$0.00
18.Derek Vondrak105$0.00
19.Steve Greer106$0.00
20.Michael Newmark107$0.00
20.Braden Bates107$0.00
22.Josh Nordquist108$0.00
23.Doug Bookey109$0.00
24.Sandor Duran111$0.00
25.David Hofman113$0.00
25.Dick Cook113$0.00
27.Dean Carmicheal114$0.00
28.Randy morgan115$0.00
29.Raymond Lee116$0.00
30.Kenny Penn117$0.00
31.Jason Robinson118$0.00
32.Fil Johnson151$0.00
33.Jason SmithDQ$0.00