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THE INTERNET, CA - Greetings medios! I hope you had a kinda alright Christmas and New Years. If you were good this year (meaning you weren't a lying cheating DB on the course), Santa Claus might have even brought you some shiny new balls to lose in 2017.



I put this article up because I noticed people are starting to sign up for 2017 already. You know the season doesn't start until March or April right? While I appreciate the enthusiasm, I think you should give golf some space. It will be good for both of you and you'll have a much better relationship in a few months.


Anyways, despite what the "membership plan chart" says, the memberships you are purchasing are indeed good for 2017, but no member packs will be sent until the start of the season because... well because I don't have them. Unlike the PGA Tour, I embrace a proper off-season.


Also, the reason I haven't updated the site is because it's starting to show its age. It's time for a kinda full face-lift. Not like Mikey Rourke full, but enough that after many hours of work and a lot of money spent, you'll visit it and say, "Huh. Nice."


See you in March. Late March.


So until the new update is ready, expect the site to be more or less abandoned by me. I promise I'll be back and bugging the shit out of you once the new site is ready though. Have a great off-season!


Keeping everyone kinda up to date since 2006,

El Presidente Jon "Lucky Kick" Morley

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Mediocre "Bowling" ?? I'm in! Where do I sign up?!

Kirkland balls are legit.