Chapter News

Out with the Old Bastard, in with the NEW BASTARD!

The Knoxville MGA had their 3rd annual Bastards Tournament at Knoxville Municipal Golf Course. We didn’t have a dry course, as usual, as it rained just about everyday leading up to the tournament! We had a shotgun start, with all the player names on the carts and who they were paired with and what hole they were starting on…………let that just sink in! As Sean, Patrick P, and Larry came up to the 16th green, Jason Bowers yells over and says do you have my phone and smokes in your cart? Bowers then goes onto say that he put his stuff in someone else’s cart………Well so much for putting the names on the carts, maybe next time I will just paint it neon, so that he knows what cart is his!!

It was apparent that when this group of finely tuned golfers play, there is always one hole that breaks them all…………HOLE #9!!! Out of 24 players only 4 walked away with par, 10 bogeyed, 7 double bogeyed and to round it out with one 9 and two 10’s! Scott McCarty had a hell of a time by walking away with one of those tens, after he was done playing tennis with himself on the green! John Henley apparently smoked a drive (so he says, but how did Bowers win the LONG DRIVE then…….hmmmm?) leaving him about 220 yards out from the hole on #9 he then put his second shot about 15 feet from the hole, where his eyes got real big because the $152.00 jackpot was on the line………he walked away with par, thanks for coming John! Same hole saw Sean drill a tree so hard to the left it screamed and threw his ball just in front of the red tees…….guess he didn’t want Larry to tee off by himself that hole! Best name in golf Austin Putt played ALL-RIGHT, because everything he hit went all right: drives, irons and yes, even PUTTS! One of the highlights of the day, meaning an actual golf shot was hit by Larry Echols, by mistake! Hole #13, (Par 5 403reds) saw him teeing off from the red tees with his driver…..puts it right down the middle, he then drives up to his ball and pulls out the next club, (but the wrong one) and puts it on the green about seven feet away! Larry was looking for his 3 wood and had pulled the driver!! He walked away with birdie on the hole after hitting his eagle putt short! Hole 11 saw Patrick Stambaugh drill the flag pole from about 120 yards out and he managed to save birdie on the hole as for Austin this hole didn’t go his way, as he went right(surprise) where his ball found the shrubs, so the next shot moves about 4 inches of dirt, but no ball! Shot #3 catches mostly tree limbs, but he moves up the tree line by 5 feet (progress) He did end it with a 6 foot putt for a solid 10! (some pride was salvaged there)

Event Results

1.Jason Bowers90$1.26
2.Scott McCarty91$0.72
2.Spencer Orick91$0.72
2.Jay Kehn91$0.72
5.Fred Tipton94$0.53
5.Bobby Shubert94$0.53
7.Sean Fay95$0.39
7.Brandon Wise95$0.39
9.Jason Pruitt97$0.28
10.Patrick Stambaugh99$0.21
11.Rick Thompson101$0.09
11.John Henley101$0.09
11.Mark Kotrys101$0.09
14.Troy Price109$0.05
15.Tom Bethel110$0.04
16.Joe Santagado114$0.02
17.Andrew Millett117$0.00
18.Bill GlennDQ$0.00