Chapter News

Pinellas County Bastards Championship in Flux!

Are you freakin’ kidding me? A Tie for First Place! And it’s only our second tournament!


Chapter leaders will probably understand, especially new ones, when I say there is a bit of confusion both at the very beginning and at the very end of our events. Today was no different. Collecting cash before playing can be hectic (seriously looking at the PayPal thing) especially when the course won’t give out the range balls they promised unless they’re paid first! That’s okay, I understand.

Okay, so now we’re ready for the first foursome to go off and one player hasn’t shown up yet! He never did. So we sent off Barry Rose, Junior Hill (newbie) and Rip Potter as a 3 some and would put the latecomer in the last group if he shows. No biggie, easy problem to solve. Sucks though because I wrote out the checks the night before and doing the math again would only give me a major headache!

Once again we thank Chris Adams, Tampa CL, for playing with us. He helped round out our field. So we sent out Chris, with Joe Barci (Red Key from last month), Mike Garner and Mike Robin ( last month’s Am-Am Trophy winners) in our second group and they played pretty well. First Meagle of the day came from Mike R. on 3.

The distaff side showed everyone in the 3rd group how it’s done. Amy Fields handily beat everyone in her group and not by a small amount either. Thanks again, Amy from the Tampa chapter, for playing with us two months in a row. You’re always welcome. Now we did enjoy watching John Montagnino, Jack Cashon, and Joe Bongo go fishing for golf balls throughout the day. Just when they thought they were done emptying the swamp, they went and filled it right back up again with fresh new balls!

Lastly, we had our Am-Am Champion, Brian Carroll, newbie Wayne Persang, and CL Joe Carideo bring up the rear in the last group of the day. Joe C. and Brian were going back and forth with the lead, although at times it felt as if Brian was playing from a different zip code! Wayne just kept plugging along hitting the ball a ton.

Now I mentioned Wayne hit the ball a ton. He’s a giant of a guy, but he was no match when it came to the long drive of the day. On a par 5, 540yd hole, Joe “Big Bomb” Barci hit a freakin’ ball that nearly brought some much needed rain! That bitch had to have gone 320 easy. Now Joe Barci is not a big man by any means, he just happened to hit the crap out of his drive on this hole to win the much coveted Long Drive Money Clip.

While we’re on the subject of money clips, Joe Carideo again got closest to the pin. Now having won two money clips last month, I figured I had enough of them. So it went to second closest, Mike Robin. That hole 3 saw three Meagles on the day.

To round out the awards, we had an tie for Most Mediocre with Mike Garner and Joe Bongo taking those honors.

Biggest Meltown was another tie! Barry Rose and Joe Carideo both had a meltdown of 8 strokes.

After we had finished giving out the checks, awarded the Blue/White Bastards Hat (along with a Green Jacket) we realized we had ANOTHER FREAKIN’ TIE! This one was for first place!!!! Brian Carrol hit a 91, but then took 3 penalty strokes for a 94, which tied Joe Carideo who also shot a 94.

Now here’s what I mean about the confusion. Everybody’s turning in cards, scores are being entered, drinks are flowing, and the awards are given out. We didn’t realize we had a first place tie until most of the people left!

Sooooo… we’re going to try and fix things next month. MGA Rule 3.7 states we should play as many playoff holes as needed to determine a winner if the course gives permission. Our contact at the course was gone so that option was out. And besides, just about everyone else had left by the time we figured out what we had to do. So next month according to MGA Rule 3.7.1, before the FORE! Championship, we will hold a “putt off” to determine who ended up the bastardest Bastard of them all.

Only one alligator caught our attention today, and by the time we got to where he was hanging out, he had gone. Nobody knows where, he was just gone.

In all, it was a great day. The weather could not have been better, the greens could not have been faster, and the beer could not have been colder.

Thanks guys (and Amy) for a great tournament!


Event Results

1.Brian Carroll94$0.95
2.Joe Carideo94$0.63
3.Mike Robin97$0.53
4.richard potter101$0.47
5.Barry Rose102$0.42
6.Amy Fields103$0.37
7.joe bongo107$0.29
7.Mike Garner107$0.29
9.olien hill109$0.21
10.Wayne R. Persang113$0.16
11.Jack Cashon114$0.11
12.Joe Barci 129$0.05