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Rebel beach am-am is in the books !!

And we are off and running !! We had a great turn out of 24 people ,, largest Las Vegas mga turn out ever and we want to keep growing !   We had a 6:40 start time and everybody was on time even though it was so dark we couldn't even see each other but we kept forging forward ! The weather was horrible out here in Las Vegas,, 85 and clear !  I attribute this rough weather to at least 10 wayward strokes , vegas weather is a bear !!  Our winner was won by a last second sign up , i think he was a ringer that snuck in before we could do a background check on him ! I need to check to see if he is pga registered . Eric Callner your under investigation!

We had a tie for the winner of the rebel beach am-am . The best cart score was won by jake Hargis/robert Shannon and Anthony Carrillo/Scott Flanigan . Your fathiful leader only announced 1 winner but after a challenge i was corrected . Oops my bad !  Congrats to both of you !  Pretty cool trophys ..

last place was also won by a newcomer, Jaime Pena will be hitting from the red tees next time out . Well deserved red key winner and no there will be no investigation on your back ground . You earned that score with a strong 131 score !  Pink balls are on order for you ! 

The mediocre award went to James Miyasato ,, Mr average !!


The melt down award goes to Lorena Rainford !  I was a witness to this !!  After 3 ball went in the lake Lorena showed true mga spirit with the throwing of the clubs and a m****r F****r  chant !  Classic ,,, i want to laugh but she scared me !! 


Mr long ball went to Kevin Williams ,, he won by default because everybody else was afraid of the fairway , lots of long balls but lots of people preferred to play from the rough rather then the fairway . Good job by The Kevin Williams


and finally the closest to the pin goes to E.J Krueger with a shot that was 20 feet from the hole . Great shot ! Thanks for supporting me with the other 17 holes . He was my partner in the best cart score . ( no support ) 

We had great representation from our friend jack !  He rose his ugly head twice on us but we tried to empty him out to help us with our swing , i tried to get 23 people drunk so i could finally win one of these things but that didn't work . Here in vegas we call this medication ,, i need more medication next time .

The great part is that we started with 24 golfers and we finished with 24 , some tried to get away in the bushes but we made them finish there round anyways . 


A great turn out by the Las Vegas Mga ,. It was the largest turn out in Las Vegas mga history and we want to break that record multiple times this year ! When the mga comes here in november we will be here to represent ! We are a growing chapter and i want to thank all my members for making this a great sunday ! We had lots of fun and we all made lots of new friends .

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Panel Of Experts (2)


Hey guys! Looks like a blast! I'm gonna be in Vegas the weekend of the Bastards, think it's cool if I play as a guest?!

SEE you next weekend bring your bogeys