Chapter News

The Results Are In, Tim Ban, You ARE a Bastard!!

It was a great turnout at the NWIMGA Bastards. We had 12 medios all gunning for the trucker cap and at the turn it was still (almost) anybodys for the taking. When the smoke finally cleared though, there were just two medios left standing. Last years Bastard Greg "Shorthair" Robinson and rookie medio Tim "3 putt" Ban found themselves at a tie with 96. In the end though it was Tim who would walk away with the "W", although Greg didn't walk away empty handed winning himself the gross award and closest.

Skip would prove to be in beast mode as he crushed the ball for the long drive. Tim Schenher and Corey Rex tied in the mediocre category followed by a tie between Dollar Phil and Steve Baker for the meltdown. New medio Chris Shellenberger got his hands on the Red Key, which I have a feeling he will definitely be using next tournament.