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Sisco Wins the Year's first Big Ass Check - by DFW MGA

At the first event in the entire MGA of 2017, 16 pairs made their way to the 1st tee early on Saturday morning, March 4, 2017.  The day was unique, and a one of a kind type of tournament, as compared to the 24 other regular season tournaments that the DFW chapter has completed.  For the first time, every single member of the record setting 32 players were paid and ready a few days before Saturday, and all players were kinda on time for the event.  It was also unique, as we had a record setting 10 new members show up, which were welcomed… until one Mr. Joseph Sisco showed the guile of a silverbacked guerilla-ninja in a tie-died beach-hat as he skated his way through the back nine of Tierra Verde shooting a 38, to round out his stellar day of golf.  Joseph will now go from having no strokes to 3 and will also be playing from the back tees on April 15th @ Riverside Golf Course in Grand Prairie.  While the total day should be shorter with the 4 shotgun starts that are coming up, this one really got to old Joe.  Ryan couldn’t help but take advantage.

In the team portion of the event, it was another good day for the Windham’s, as the big guy, and the dirtiest man in the MGA, Mike Windham, and the kid, his boy, Chase took it to the house with a combined score of 180. There were three teams that finished within a few strokes, but the Windham’s were finally able to take home the trophies they almost got to keep last year if it wasn’t for Dan Sargent and Tyson Yarborough.  Unfortunately, Chase already broke his trophy before he left the building. 

Joe was one of two new members that were talked into joining by Ryan Riviello of that played on Saturday.  When asked about why he would want to subject other normal people to this drunkerd golfing band of misfit hooligans, Ryan said “These guys were born for this.”  Unfortunately, his bud Daniel Gray did not have the same type of day as Joe, but his alignment rod drills and swing of gold should be a force to be reckoned with once he settles in and gets rid of his 10 strokes.  Todd Jenkins even was close to putting Daniel on his fantasy team, kind of.  The best part of the day could have been the ride home for Ryan and Joe, where Joe showed what kind of energy drain being a tournament Champion can be.

The Red Key was awarded to a strong 2nd year member Jim Goetz, who also brought in new blood this year with Adam Zapatowski.  After being asked, “hey man, you going to use that pink pu**y tee box next month?”  Jim replied “Hell yes I am!”  Jim had two pretty damn funny videos that are up on the facebook page, one with the most buried sand lie ever seen, and another left handed attempt out of the bushes.

Coming in with the long drive was Matt Dorchak, who brought in a 3 new members including  Troy Gould, Peter O’Rourke, and Kyle Henderson. Closest to the pin went to Chapter Co Leader Todd Jenkins.  Jenkins’ closes to the pin was made just moments after Riviello stuck it 6 feet away on the 108-yard par 3 over the water. 

Coming in second, was a gaggle of dicks, including 3 new members – Jeremy Ramey, Antti Salo, & Taylor Munden.  Veteran Chase Windham weaseled his way into the 2nd spot as well.   In case you want to know more about these chaps, Antti just moved to Dallas recently from Finland, following his lady friend with Texas ties, Taylor is a Windham relative, and Jeremy was brought in by last year’s Long Beach transfer, Greg Madrid.

Event Results

1.Joseph Sisco82$1.12
2.Chase Windham88$0.60
2.Taylor Munden88$0.60
2.Antti Salo88$0.60
2.Jeremy "Gunshow" Ramey88$0.60
6.Todd Jenkins91$0.43
7.Brian Berry92$0.34
7.Mike Windham92$0.34
9.Brad Roberts95$0.22
9.Chris Phillips95$0.22
11.Dan Sargent96$0.12
12.Robert Martinez97$0.06
13.Adam T.98$0.04
13.Greg Madrid98$0.04
13.Matthew Dorchak98$0.04
16.William Davis99$0.02
17.Dale Williford100$0.00
18.Matt Landrum102$0.00
19.Ryan Riviello103$0.00
20.Troy Gould105$0.00
21.Peter O'Rourke106$0.00
22.Daniel Gray110$0.00
22.Geoff Scott110$0.00
22.Tony Snow110$0.00
25.Jim Jewison111$0.00
25.Dan Cantrell111$0.00
25.Jeff Kenny111$0.00
25.Kyle Henderson 111$0.00
29.Charles Davidson113$0.00
30.Robbie Rogers116$0.00
30.Adam Zapotocky116$0.00
32.Jim Goetz117$0.00