Chapter News

Snow is back in DFW

With another record setting turnout, on a not-so-blistering hot day in Texas, Tony Snow finally showed up again.  After a strong 2015, with two back to back wins and two more top three finishes, Snow was nowhere to be found in 2016.  But he came out strong last Saturday, almost DQing with a gross score of 80, taking home the gross award, and his second broken window trophy.

The South African, Gerrit Engelbrecht, came in a close second, in his last MGA tournament before heading back to his homeland.  Brad Roberts, Greg Madrid, and Chris Phillips rounded out the top 5.  Co-chapter leader, Todd Jenkins, missed his very first tournament since the creation of the DFW MGA, due to his wife making him stay home.  Something about a newborn baby.  But he kept a close eye on the progress of the tourney through 18 birdies.


Geoff Scott came in a strong sixth place tie with Adam Thornton, but also took home the most mediocre award, for hitting two separate bodies of water, in the same stroke.  For the first time there was a tie for the biggest meltdown, going to Jeff Kenny and Ryan Rivielo, and Mike Villenueva took the key to the red tee, with a wopping 128.  The longest drive went to Chris Phillips, and Adam Zapotocky got it closest.

Event Results

1.Tony Snow85$1.71
2.Gerrit Engelbrecht87$1.14
3.Brad Roberts88$0.95
4.Greg Madrid89$0.86
5.Chris Phillips91$0.76
6.Geoff Scott92$0.62
6.Adam T.92$0.62
8.Dale Williford93$0.33
8.Jim Goetz93$0.33
8.Taylor Munden93$0.33
8.Mike Windham93$0.33
12.Matthew Dorchak94$0.09
12.Brian Berry94$0.09
14.Matt Landrum97$0.07
15.Jim Jewison99$0.04
15.Dion Stroud99$0.04
17.William Davis100$0.00
18.Robert Martinez102$0.00
19.Robbie Rogers104$0.00
20.Jeff Kenny105$0.00
20.Charles Davidson105$0.00
20.Dan Cantrell105$0.00
23.Adam Zapotocky108$0.00
23.Jeremy "Gunshow" Ramey108$0.00
25.David Badger110$0.00
26.David Keane113$0.00
27.Ryan Riviello115$0.00
28.Andy Borman124$0.00
29.Mike Villanueva128$0.00